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hates how guys avoid answering questions.

long day in school = dead beat. goodnight world!


this morning while i was preparing for school, i realised i need a structured, well-cut blazer badly. that means another new item added to my shopping list.

yayness. cant wait for my asos dress to arrive (:

NUS central library needs more power points. seriously.

i slept at 3am last night because i stayed up to watch more films in order to choose one for my film module paper ): so i watched a total of 3 films since last night till now – Rainbow Song, Platonic Sex and Swallowtail Butterfly… my head is saturated with movie plots now! im contemplating if i should do on Kamikaze Girls (psst karen, read: BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.. but the movie is so bizarre and the movie plot is pretty nonsensical! Swing Girls???? pffftt. i should watch more serious films!

went to esplanade for Camera Obscura’s concert after school today! :D it was a last minute decision because karen was busy and couldnt go so i went in her place. and boy, im glad i went! i enjoyed myself and the concert was fantastic. ive converted! vk & karen, geek specs soon? HAHA.

my surprise for boyfriend didnt work at all! ): i secretly ordered macdonalds for him because he was doing guard duty until super late & i was afraid he would get hungry… but when the meal arrived, he was already starting on his mcnuggets! turns out that he ordered macs for himself too! ): my surprise was a flop flop flop.

and to the two jerks who broke my friends’ hearts, i hope you get your retribution soon. if you can change your mind about loving someone so easily, you dont deserve to be loved at all in the first place. you can be the most attentive and caring boyfriend while it lasts but why bother painting such a beautiful picture if you are going to shatter everything the two of you once dreamt of together after another girl comes along? you two are jerks. you put the male population to shame. its because of people like you that gives love a bad name.

if girls can stay faithful, why cant guys? im not saying all guys are like that. but ive seen enough of these people to anger me.

please dont ever be one of these assholes. i will cry, no doubt, but i will also decide to hate you forever if you do.


what was i thinking! i have TWO Of these now ):< baby offered to pay one for me for the time being because i am really quite broke.

i think i will go dig out more stuffs to sell away together in sgflea.lj. my wardrobe needs a major cleanup anyway! i dont wear half of the clothes in there anymore!

today i did something extremely bad and i feel really horrid about it ): but im not the only one making the decision and it seems like the best solution already! ): ): ):

thomas said this to me: we must understand that guys and girls think differently. what you think is right and correct may not be so for us. surprising, because it came from someone who usually has that cheeky look on his face and heck-care attitude. i guess people really do mature from relationships.

but whats so hard to understand about girls? we just enjoy being pacified and pampered on. we love random surprises. when we receive a flower, a softtoy, an accessory which you chanced upon when walking around and it reminds you of us, our favourite candy, a toy gun, breakfast… it can be ANYTHING, we will be happy, especially when these are random gifts. because it makes us feel that we are on your mind 24/7 and we feel special (: even the most unromantic objects may possibly become the most romantic gifts ever!

i see another lovely another dress, should i…? OMG I MUST STOP.

so after breakfast, we got to work together in the kitchen with the ingredients we bought last night. packed everything into a lovely weaved basket-bag (:

sadly the weather was not pretty today. our initial plan was to have a picnic at the botanical garden but it was POURING HEAVILY! so we drove back to bishan park and by then, the sky had cleared and we had our picnic there.

picnic food = honey mustard ham tortilla wraps, tuna sandwiches, nuggets, wedges, cocktail sausages, clam chowder, cream of mushroom, chocolate cake, chips & watermelon.

the one and only correct way of eating watermelon during a picnic haha!

drawing, bingo & hangman!

the muddy water seeped through the mat and our bottoms look as if we poop-ed in our pants!!

still, i enjoyed the picnic and i want one on a sunny day on dry grass the next time (:

and… i am so GEI KIANG. i thought i didnt manage to get the gold studded skirt from two blogshops since i didnt receive any replies after 2 days of commenting and when i checked my mail this morning, both replied me with a positive answer! so now i have TWO same skirts since i do not want to be listed as a deadbuyer ):< what a waste of money! grhhh.

i dont know which is worse – having no money to shop or to have nothing to spend on. ive been clicking here & there & everywhere on the world wide web but everything seems to be OOS. ):

this is going to be an extremely random post so please do not attempt to continue reading if you dont have time to waste.

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dad’s new car, mum’s genting trip, sister flying off to sydney for work conference, tropic thunder, birthday dinner with his family, new gay red flats. btw, i love the new dress that im wearing in the picture above from hollyhoque.

& majolica majorca is FINALLY in singapore♥

… & can somebody please tell me where can i get an awesome denim vest with rounded corners? i need want one! i want that gold stud black skirt too but i bet its sold out.

im so hooked on shopping. please give me something to buy. this is full blast retail therapy!

sometimes i just cant believe it. something has changed, regardless of whether we like it or not.

i never seem to do the right thing no matter how hard i try. if i cry hard and long enough, will my tear bank dry up one day and i will hence stop crying forever and ever?

being absolutely random here because i woke up and had this dying urge to listen to NIGHT DELUXE. what an old song but always so catchyyyyy :D those were the dayxyzzzz yo yo yo hahaha! please kindly watch the night deluxe clip because Lead is awesome here. AHHH YOUTH <3

and then theres the KINKI KIDS SINGLE COLLECTION video thing from 1997 to 2007. theyve come such a long way! next year my koichi will be 30 and will officially be an old man! i cant believe i listened to them since primary 3 when i was only 9 and im already 20 this year! can i say kinki kids is part of my childhood???