& so its done (:

wow the clash of 2midterms & baby’s birthday nearly got me killed from overexhaustion. i slept for less than 4hours everyday for the week before just to prepare everything (presents, food planning, hunt, lunch reservation & STUDIES) im not so hot over my midterm papers- they were not fantastic but they weren’t exactly disastrous either so i suppose i should be glad. and that was friday.

anyway for those who didnt know already, 6th october (which unfortunately, is a blueblue rainy monday TODAY), is my baby’s birthday. and since he has to be in camp, i decided to help him have an early celebration. i made a lunch reservation at Central’s Ma Maison because of good reviews and the decoration of the place. it has this really old english cottage cosy, vintage sort of feel and we got a window seat which overlooks the singapore river! food was great and im definitely going back there again for dinner or something one day (:

loverboy <3

soup, drinks & salads.



initially i was skeptical about ma maison because i needed help in my birthday plan – after i excuse myself to go to the ladies from the table, i proceeded to settle my bill at the counter & to pass the waitress a note from me. i needed help from the waitress to pass jacky baby the note after ive left but the waitresses were all JAPANESE and they didnt really understood my english ): luckily the minimal japanese that i could still manage helped me a great deal, PHEW. and so, after i left baby alone in the restaurant making him think that i am in the toilet/planning to return with birthday cake, i LEFT clarke quay. i rushed in a cab home to collect all the partyware & food before cabbing to his house. it was a mad rush because i needed to get things ready BEFORE the king gets home from his treasure hunt omggg.

THE TREASURE HUNT- it consists of 10 stops around SINGAPORE. clarke quay -> the cathay -> cineleisure -> NUS -> clementi central -> my house -> yishun stadium -> sajc -> his old house -> and the final stop: his house (:

the cluecards!

claire was one of the pit-mistresses. the entire gang (karen, juliana, geraldine & claire) were waiting in the car in the heat, thanks a zillion babes! caught in action! omg this picture rocks.

anyway i was extremely & disgustingly late. i was supposed to pick his classmates up at the busstop nearby at 4 but i only reached at 5.50pm! luckily his mum was home and they managed to find his house & played mahjong to kill time. my girlfriends hung out nearby while waiting for me too im so sorry!


and so it was cooking cooking cooking after i got to his house. it was really odd cooking in front of the cctv i must say :S geraldine & karen were great helpers along with his sisters (: my lovely BFFs were blowing balloons to decorate the place, love you guys & your lungs (:

the best people (: thanks for helping me make everything work!

armed with poppers & waiting in anticipation!

OKAY the male lead got home at around 6.30 and POP POP POP when the party poppers. i love those HUGEE ones that i bought because the confetti was so pretty! <3 everyone forgot to shout surprise/happy birthday because we were all busying triggering the poppers haha. anyway babyboy looked surprise enough and i was pretty excited.

the food! fried food platter = honey mustard baked wings, crinklecut fries, nuggets, sausage wrapped in bacon, fried mexican drumlets & croquettes. ikea meatballs. spaghetti bolognaise. creamy fusili. potato salad with bacon. curry chicken & french loaf. smoked salmon with dill & scrambled egg toast. salami & cheese cracker. four pizzas. brownie cheesecake squares. mango pudding. his mum commented that its like ‘MAN HAN QUAN XI’ :D big thanks to my sis who helped me with the food preparation! it was a pity you werent there!

his class.


me! (omg i dont have the one of jacky & my gfs & cake! WHY)

yayness <3 impt pple in my life.

im so glad the surprise party turned out to be a pretty big success (: ive never cooked so much food in my entire life before and i couldnt have done it without the help of my sister! we slogged the entire morning away and i was baking on friday night too so essentially, by the evening of the party, i was ready to flop on the bed and sleep for 50hours ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

but all the hard work is paid off when i see baby smiling so happily and beaming with joy. -pinch- you deserve every bit of this, love! happy 20th birthday, i hope u liked the surprise & gifts & love me much much more ok!

the king & his presents!

what he collected at numerous pitstops: candle-stand for candlelight dinner. this is actually for me because i want one hahah. bad lover voodoo doll, bedroom slippers (i sewed the name!), vouchers for lovers.

the big back-cushion in luscious red <3, birthday boy badge, castle chipboard sketchbook & multi-neon coloured briefs which AHEM, i like.

and i handsewn two matching pillowcases since i sleepover pretty often (:

of course, the amazingly cute shades are from me too haha! my gfs gave him a shirt (: i love him in shirts okay.


sunday 5th october.

we went to watch eagle eye. OMG i think the show was pretty creepy. can you imagine someone is actually WATCHING you now?? but wouldnt it be nice if there is someone to tell you what to do for maybe, say 24hours?? sometimes its tiring to think for yourself all the time, or is that just me? :/

hahaha messing about with his wardrobe. (the shirt is his! and no, im not digging my nose here!)

we dig the specs hahha.

anyway our breakfast, lunch & dinner on sunday = leftovers from the party. i think i really over-cooked too much food! we had a proper cake-cutting ceremony for him again that night with his family <3

20 but forever my baby -hugs-

polaroids aplenty (:

today i went to school for tutorial and i had longgggggg talk with vk on the way home. buddy, you always make me feel better because you are there to listen, no matter how vexed you are deep down inside yourself. its ironic that how you are upset but yet you have to put yourself through all my whinings/complaints about every single thing to make myself feel better. buddy, i love you!

& of course, today, being the actual day of boyfriend’s birthday, happy big two to you! (: