I think he reminds him of a precious time spent with Mum, as though when we all hear Gay Byrnes’s voice, he hears Mum’s instead. When she died, he surrounded himself with all the things she adored. He put Gay on the radio every morning, watched Mum’s television shows, bought her favourite biscuits in his weekly shopping trip even though he never ate them. He liked to see them on the shelf when he opened the cupboard, liked to see her magazines beside his newspaper. He liked her slippers staying beside her armchair by the fire. He liked to remind himself that his entire world hadn’t fallen apart. Sometimes we need all the glue we can get, just to hold ourselves together.

– Thanks For The Memories By Cecilia Ahern; Page 119

i finished the book under the covers in my bed with the night light on deep into two consecutive nights. i loved the book.