i think im having some sort of skin rash. yucks.

anyway, i died nearly died on friday night/saturday morning. i didnt die but it probably took 10 years off my lifespan. whatever little time im left with after the subtraction of that 10 years, i hope i get to spend it with baby still.

so saturday we had a good meal at Absolute Haven. i wanted to dine there instead of Ma Maison the previous week for his birthday surprise but it was having some closed door event.so we went there for dinner this saturday! service was somewhat slow and we waited a great deal of time to be served. ambience was good but it would have been better if we made a reservation because the restaurant was full when we reached and we were given a table that was near the entrance which was pretty much a ): if you get what i mean.

i kind of like their cream of mushroom soup. it was more of an oatmealporridge-consistency instead of SOUPY consistency.

main courses. panfried seabass with avocado salad&poached egg&lemon butter and his ribeye with potato gratin! the food was yum! ( >3<)/ i have this habit of poking runny egg yolks and letting the yellow fluid ooze out and flow around my plate. its disgusting but heck, it tastes perfect as compared to dry solid egg yolks.

some pseudo-spiderman-wannabe action going on (8

dinner (date)

after which we headed to bugis for Ah Chew Desserts. finally got to try it after SO LONG (:

the black sesame paste blew me away & baby said the mango sago was really sweet.

spent the night playing Game Of Life with jasley. my red car was overloaded because i had twins & adopted another pair of twins but baby’s yellow car remained to be just him and his wife until they retired. we played this again on sunday and this time round it was my turn to retire rich but childless ):

and 12oct = 18months. thanks for the sunflower, love <3

on a random sidenote, i have alot of things waiting to be done now ): and new balance 15km real run is this coming saturday, HOW.

be patient & tough, someday this pain will be useful to me.