made a trip over to malaysia to get the bus tickets for the upcoming comm trek early in the morning today! after which i returned to NUS for lecture and project meeting. when i was done by 6pm, my eyes were half-closed already!

i think this new levi’s ladies watch is pretty! the pictures dont do the watch justice at all. do you think my dad will let me have it? :D

my mum & dad. i look like neither of them! except for the fact that i have my dad’s big fat nose. other than that i really cant find any resemblance at all. anyway both of them are excited today because mum is going on a short holiday to genting with my aunts tmr while my dad is collecting his new car tmr :D

my mum showed me something awesome last night!

it was her 21st birthday gold key pendant! i love the simple design of it! nowadays the trend of receiving gold key pendants from parents when you turn 21 is dying, which is pretty sad isnt it. somehow it just lost its significance over time ):

despite all the travelling i did today im not complaining because i have new music in my nano.


妳送我的眼淚 讓它留在雨天
哦越過妳劃的線我定了勇氣 的終點