im so angry today! i was queuing up in the toilet when this RJC girl walked in and simply entered the cubicle when another girl was done. i stopped her, saying: excuse me. i am queuing for the cubicle. & she had the cheek to retort: I AM HAVING AN EXAM. i was like ‘!!!’ i mean, hello, when was there ever a rule that you can jump the toilet queue just because youre in the middle of your exam?! you have to QUEUE UP. its basic courtesy. if you cannot hold your pee until your paper is over, then dont drink so much water beforehand. plus i was done before she did. if your exam is so important that you cannot wait 30seconds for another cubicle, then please do kindly pee faster next time. so what if you have the brains, your manners is DAMN DISGUSTING and it makes me cringe!

i noticed that im becoming more easily irritable of late ): i hope i’ll revert back to the old yuanru soon!

oh well, i thank all my friends who messaged me & showed support! (: