i dont know which is worse – having no money to shop or to have nothing to spend on. ive been clicking here & there & everywhere on the world wide web but everything seems to be OOS. ):

this is going to be an extremely random post so please do not attempt to continue reading if you dont have time to waste.

i tried the wasabi fillet burger the other day and its.. weird. dont eat it unless you have this enormous love for wasabi. give me the original fillet anytime please.

anyway, my nanoworld module project requires me to write a 30page long report on the secrets behind the abalone’s shell. its supposed to be this nature’s wonder product that generates itself and is capable of withstanding immense pressure & is damn hard. it all boils down to the structure… its actually all messed up on the atomic level lor. how am i supposed to write about that?! how to replicate!? scientists like to create problems for themselves ugh.

my lecturer drives a sports car to school. i think uni lecturers earn alot. why are jc teachers so lowly paid? my jc teachers take mrt to school.

i have this problem with my hair. everytime its long, i feel like chopping the entire thing off and sporting short hair. but when its short, i will whine/complain and do all sorts of things to make my hair grow longer faster. my secondary one short hair nightmarish days are whats deterring me from cutting my hair short. i looked like a vampire/maid back then ):

i want to watch high school musical 3! :D

i want to play tennis! but i need to get my tennis racket back from mr sim shaoxian first. he borrowed it to bring into his camp like, long long time ago. i hope its still intact. mr sim broke a squash racket before in the midst of a game :/

anyone knows where to buy iron-ons? i want banana-in-pyjamas ones.

what else was running in my mind just now.. oh, recently im watching this hk drama serial. i think its damn sad the girl gave up her love when she found out that her boyfriend-soon-to-be-husband actually still had feelings for his exgf. but i think she did the right thing. because clinging on wont get her anywhere. she actually did it for her own sake. marriage is for life and she deserves 100% of eternal happiness- even 99.999999999% will not do. every girl deserves a hundred percent, no less.

i haven been playing mahjong for a long time ): i need some mahjong in my life! bf is over at his friend’s place playing mahjong now. i hope he wins money because both of us spent alot today. we even bought 4D but we didnt even came close to winning zzzzzzzzzz.

rovers is having its comm trek now & i gave it a miss. they left singapore at around 10plus on saturday night i think. i was done with the dinner at around 10.40 anyway, how to go? plus i was in heels and a dress! i hope they do have fun though! the december treks are very well-received and nearly all are full! theres even a waiting list for the berkelah waterfall trek. (:

my mum came into my room and expressed her disgust at my spending habits a few hours ago! i have been spending an average of $1k per month according to her. i think things are getting expensive ): cabs are getting expensive! food is getting expensive! or maybe its just me ): i need to stop spending on unnecessary things. but clothes bags shoes and accessories are neccessities, yes no? why are textbooks so expensive! (YAH RIGHT CHONG YUANRU) @#$%^&*()_@$*&^%

i need a job. i think i will start tutoring kids in december/january.

i have a question. kinkikids is or are? kinkikids is a SINGLE UNIT. but kids = plural. english experts i need help. if i cant answer this i cant teach english to primary school kids.

what a wordy, topicless post. IM GOING ON A PICNIC TOMORROW <3

he put his index finger and thumb together and asked me if i love him that much. i asked him how much does he love me. he proceeded to put his index finger on my eyebrow and his thumb on my cheek and replied, ‘this much, so much that its beyond what you can see.’

what followed was a tight hug from me, glad that i still have him in my arms.