so after breakfast, we got to work together in the kitchen with the ingredients we bought last night. packed everything into a lovely weaved basket-bag (:

sadly the weather was not pretty today. our initial plan was to have a picnic at the botanical garden but it was POURING HEAVILY! so we drove back to bishan park and by then, the sky had cleared and we had our picnic there.

picnic food = honey mustard ham tortilla wraps, tuna sandwiches, nuggets, wedges, cocktail sausages, clam chowder, cream of mushroom, chocolate cake, chips & watermelon.

the one and only correct way of eating watermelon during a picnic haha!

drawing, bingo & hangman!

the muddy water seeped through the mat and our bottoms look as if we poop-ed in our pants!!

still, i enjoyed the picnic and i want one on a sunny day on dry grass the next time (:

and… i am so GEI KIANG. i thought i didnt manage to get the gold studded skirt from two blogshops since i didnt receive any replies after 2 days of commenting and when i checked my mail this morning, both replied me with a positive answer! so now i have TWO same skirts since i do not want to be listed as a deadbuyer ):< what a waste of money! grhhh.