what was i thinking! i have TWO Of these now ):< baby offered to pay one for me for the time being because i am really quite broke.

i think i will go dig out more stuffs to sell away together in sgflea.lj. my wardrobe needs a major cleanup anyway! i dont wear half of the clothes in there anymore!

today i did something extremely bad and i feel really horrid about it ): but im not the only one making the decision and it seems like the best solution already! ): ): ):

thomas said this to me: we must understand that guys and girls think differently. what you think is right and correct may not be so for us. surprising, because it came from someone who usually has that cheeky look on his face and heck-care attitude. i guess people really do mature from relationships.

but whats so hard to understand about girls? we just enjoy being pacified and pampered on. we love random surprises. when we receive a flower, a softtoy, an accessory which you chanced upon when walking around and it reminds you of us, our favourite candy, a toy gun, breakfast… it can be ANYTHING, we will be happy, especially when these are random gifts. because it makes us feel that we are on your mind 24/7 and we feel special (: even the most unromantic objects may possibly become the most romantic gifts ever!

i see another lovely another dress, should i…? OMG I MUST STOP.