i slept at 3am last night because i stayed up to watch more films in order to choose one for my film module paper ): so i watched a total of 3 films since last night till now – Rainbow Song, Platonic Sex and Swallowtail Butterfly… my head is saturated with movie plots now! im contemplating if i should do on Kamikaze Girls (psst karen, read: BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.. but the movie is so bizarre and the movie plot is pretty nonsensical! Swing Girls???? pffftt. i should watch more serious films!

went to esplanade for Camera Obscura’s concert after school today! :D it was a last minute decision because karen was busy and couldnt go so i went in her place. and boy, im glad i went! i enjoyed myself and the concert was fantastic. ive converted! vk & karen, geek specs soon? HAHA.

my surprise for boyfriend didnt work at all! ): i secretly ordered macdonalds for him because he was doing guard duty until super late & i was afraid he would get hungry… but when the meal arrived, he was already starting on his mcnuggets! turns out that he ordered macs for himself too! ): my surprise was a flop flop flop.

and to the two jerks who broke my friends’ hearts, i hope you get your retribution soon. if you can change your mind about loving someone so easily, you dont deserve to be loved at all in the first place. you can be the most attentive and caring boyfriend while it lasts but why bother painting such a beautiful picture if you are going to shatter everything the two of you once dreamt of together after another girl comes along? you two are jerks. you put the male population to shame. its because of people like you that gives love a bad name.

if girls can stay faithful, why cant guys? im not saying all guys are like that. but ive seen enough of these people to anger me.

please dont ever be one of these assholes. i will cry, no doubt, but i will also decide to hate you forever if you do.