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when vk saw this picture, she was wondering WHERE THE HELL were we. its taken during our secondary one band camp & she claimed that most of the sec 1 cohort was present except for the TWO OF US. i was amused so i came to double check & VEEKAY: WE ARE IN THIS PICTURE!!!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT RECOGNISE OURSELVES! omg this is really really funny, even wenjie cant spot us. pls look carefully!!!

here’s the mystery unravelled.


oh my holy cow. yes we looked THAT horrible that nobody can recognise us in this picture!


to all the people who texted or called me, i am sincerely thankful to you.

ive received advice from strangers, comforting words from people i didnt keep in contact with, listening ears from people i barely see once a year and encouraging smses.

two words: thank you.

I went to NUS today to submit my withdrawal form. But I did not have the courage to do so  when I was outside the Dean’s office. I just sat there and cried and came home. Without submitting the form.

I need somebody by my side. But not anybody. Can you please show me some support?

If you have doubts about something you're doing now, chances are you have already made up your heart. You just need to be assertive to make up your mind. - Karen

Choose wisely. You've got what it takes to do design. You're clever one leh, don't know also become you know. - Kokloong

It all depends on where is more suitable for you. If its your place, its a good place. - Juliana

at times like this, these three people said things that made me feel a little better. because 98% of the people thinks that my decision is not a wise one, and that i should just bite my lips and pull through 1.5 more years to get myself a life science degree. that degree will be meaningless to me, regardless of the fact that it may get me a job.

all i ever wanted was some form of support from you.

withdrawal from university is not scary. finding out that i have nobody to rely on is.

"Defeat may test you; it need not stop you. If at first you don't succeed, try
another way. For every obstacle there is a solution. Nothing in the
world can take the place of persistence. The greatest mistake is giving up.”

This may be the greatest mistake of my life. 



casualpoet with vk & yijun this afternoon to study (: the place is Awesome with a capital letter ‘A’. i see myself frequenting this place more often in the future!




after dinner vk & i decided to continue studying at central’s starbucks & we met michelle on the way there. michelle asked why were we dressed so nicely just to study and vk’s reply was ” we go anywhere also wear very nice one ” HAHA I LOVE HER. lol. omg to think that the two of us had such pok dress sense back in secondary school. we loved oversized skater tees & boardshorts & flipflops. we even went out on a movie date with each other wearing the school uniform on a SUNDAY because we claimed that we had NOTHING to wear! can you believe it! & we broke every single grooming rule in school yet we were the uniform cum welfare officers in anderson military band, the irony!

gosh, i love my buddy!

i know now is not the best time to say this, but, im not going to do life science anymore. after crying & crying & crying, i know i need to save myself before i sink deeper & drown.

yes. i know ive wasted three semesters of precious time & money & energy doing something that amounts to nothing in the end. but i’d rather wave the white flag now and admit defeat rather waste my life away doing something i do not and will not enjoy.

i thought i really loved life science. in fact i made up my mind since secondary two when anderson sec put everyone through the life science programme. i was MESMERISED by pipettes and PCR machines & agarose gel etc. back then & i told myself i will major in this when i enter university. well, i did. so i guess i fulfilled my dream somewhat. but i also proved to myself that im not cut out for this field. the exams require me to digest all the facts & then throw them all out within 2hours, sorry i just cant do it. it seems like my brain capacity is only 20MB while everyone else has 4GB each. its not that i have a poor memory though, i think its just what my brain is being fed with ): i did well for my other non-lifescience related modules! plus my lack of biology background is just killing me. i dont think i know of anyone else in this course without either a sec/jc bio background!

so now, it only leaves me with the same question when i was fresh from the a’s. where to go now? ):

i behaved as if im another person today. ): i promise i will never ever do it again.

its time to reconsider what i really want to pursue in my university years. i need a meeting with my parents tonight. save me, please?


the poor girl has econs paper on her big day, unfortunately ): we popped over at her place with presents & a cake to surprise her at 12midnight but she wasnt in! miss hardworking tse was camping in her smu campus ): so we left the presents with her brother instead.

anyway here’s baby’s new baby:

DECIDED – MAZDA 2 CRYSTAL WHITE. i hope the coe biddings get through!! keeping my fingers & toes crossed very tightly.

he was still on the phone with me last night discussing about how undecided he was but this afternoon he suddenly texted me & said he’s getting the mazda2 in the end. actually i knew he would end up choosing this- he has been repeating “i want a zoomzoom” everywhere he goes lately!

my first paper is in less than 12hours time! ):<

No one likes hearing this, but sometimes the person you want the most is the person you’re best without.”

-taken from my buddy’s lj. is it true? ):