blogshops. its either they are extremely successful or they totally fail to make their presence known/felt. the popular ones get >100 comments ( even >400 for some ) each time they launch their new collections whereas the not-so-popular ones barely hit an average comments count of 30. i think its the way they present their collections. and of course, the clothes they carry. i realised 6 out of 10 blogshops may be carrying the same piece of clothing over and over again its getting pretty sick. the successful ones usually sell more exclusive, better quality and prettier stuffs. plus their photos are usually well-taken. nevermind if they are not dropdead gorgeous, showing their faces in the photos is always a more pleasant sight than seeing headless models dont you think so. leeshuang and i actually toyed with the idea of opening a blogshop back then but im glad we didnt. the market is just too saturated! unless we manage to engage a fantastic and exclusive supplier that is!

:D :D :D my asos parcel is shipped!!!! im so gay.