When you were 4 or 5, the only people whom you held hands with were probably your parents. They would hold your little hand tightly in theirs when you cross the road, giving you the sense of security.

When you reach kindergarten, you hated holding hands with the boy who queued up next to you even though the teacher insisted that you must do it and keep the other finger of your free hand to your mouth. You try all sorts of ways to get minimal contact with the boy – by holding only his pinky with yours or by holding a hanky between the two of you for extreme cases.

When you enter primary school, you start to think boys are stupid and you still resent holding their hands. However, if you fancy the boy next to you, you will willingly hold his hand without resistance or complaints and hope that the walk to music room will take forever. This is when you discover the joy of holding hands with someone you like.

When you are a secondary school student, rumours start flying and they fly in all sorts of directions whether you like it or not. Puppy love blossoms, usually kept low-key; and if you are seen holding hands with an opposite sex in school on monday, the entire school will be informed by tuesday. If couples hold hands in school, they are asking for trouble in the form of detention. At this age, you think holding hands with your loved one is the sweetest thing to do. Ever.

When you become a jc student, things change. You are not shy to hold hands in public anymore. In fact, it makes you feel like an adult. An adult who is very much in love. Teachers can’t be bothered if you hold hands in school. You can even hold hands in lectures under your jacket.

When you are 18, you want to make sure that the hands that you are holding gives you the same sense of security your parents gave you when you were 4. You want to make sure that the hands are those that you want to hold on to for the rest of your life. You want to believe that your hands are moulded in such a way that it fits perfectly in your lover’s hands. You hope that this pair of hands will never leave you.

When you hit 20, you realise you start to hold hands much much much lesser than before. People fail to recognize its importance anymore.

I think hand holding is essential to a relationship. Theres nothing to be shy about holding hands anymore. Its the simplest way of showing that you care & you are there – physically and emotionally. As we grow up, our attitude towards hand holding starts to slacken. I hate that.

I love holding hands with the one I love. Because “Can I hold your hand?” was the question etched in my mind. It was the first hint we gave to each other, isn’t it?

So, will you please just hold my hand a little more – wherever & whenever?