my sis revealed to me that astar is losing money & shes planning to resign soon. ): whats going to happen to my fellow life science coursemates and i next time! ): ):

i told my parents i really dont like what im studying now. in fact, i dont even plan to go into this field after i graduate. i want to try marketing/advertising -hazel & i may be doing part-time degrees for that after NUS… of course my dream is still to head to france & learn pastry making. man, i messed up my own education & probably my life too ):

so upset kuishinbo changed their commercial jingle! no more ‘DON DON DON 1,2,3..” i remembered singing it everytime they air it when i was working their many many years back. the new song is so anti-climax.

although i hate life science, i still have to sit for the exams. the past few days, ive been camping in the science library & although its so out of the way & has a strong musty smell, i must admit that i really like it! i realized i see the same faces sitting at the same areas nearly daily. :D

… ugh i cant seem to get over this CONFUSED state – about my education, my relationship, money matters, MY LIFE :/

& im splurging to make myself feel better… somewhat.