i stayed in the library from 10am to 5pm today & crammed for the paper. by the time the test started at 6pm, i was extremely sleepy! i hope i didnt make any careless mistakes or all my efforts would have gone down the drain! anyway i sat for the test without any identification because i forgot to bring my wallet today! im so glad the proffesor is such a nice guy (:

everybody is studying in the library & working extremely hard! its time to feel guilty & hit the books for me too. i met ryan benjy peckying bryan nessa & tau who were ALL In the library to study! positive influence please! (: im going to park in science library for the entire recess week!!

i dont understand why my stuffs are taking so long to arrive ):< did the postman steal EVERYTHING?!!!? im getting so frustrated calling home & asking the maid if the postman came by today. i think she is starting to get annoyed by ME too.

ANYWAY i know im slow but ITS THE END OF MY THIRD SEM IN NUS :D :D :D three more sems and i can pack up my bag, pat my ass & LEAVE. i dont see the point in aiming for honors since im not even planning to get a lifescience related job- so essentially, my uni stint is kind of redundant. sunrice???

boyfriend’s uni course takes FIVE years to complete. by the time he enters NUS, im already in my third year. some people say that army is the toughest period a couple has endure but i beg to differ. theres still such a long road isnt it? theres university, the working world etc.. i hope LOVE is enough to see us through everything somehow.


she’s 41 & she looks like she hasnt aged at all!! vivian chow is so gorgeous. i think anybody who wants to go for plastic surgery should just ask for her face.

i hope tmr’s forecasted weather of 30% precipitation & thunderstorm is INACCURATE. PLEASE DO NOT RAIN.