i just had supper with baby’s family in their living room without him because he was fast asleep & refused to wake up to go down for it ): anyway i had a long chat with his mum & we were talking about jacky’s uni choices. she told me that jacky told her himself that he likes australia previously. we may be going over to look at some schools during our upcoming melbourne trip for him.. & then we also discussed about his nus architecture course. its going to take 5 years & she said he’ll get the chance to study in different countries over the 5 years, like half a year in korea and another half in switzerland or something. of course im happy for him that he’s going to get so much more exposure & experiences… but, i hope im also entitled to feel some sense of despair for myself. if he goes korea/switzerland/any country with magnificient architectures for his archi course, its going to take at least half a year. if he goes australia to study, its 2 or 3 years. i should stop thinking about this because i feel sad & empty just by thinking about the reality in future.

i hope the future never comes, but its impossible.

& yes, happy birthday to jenrine (15th nov) & vanessa kong (16th nov). im so sorry everything sounds so solemn.