i watched life transformers on channel eight today & i cried ): theres this nine year old girl who has been devoid of her mum’s love – instead, she has to take care of her, disposing of her wastes & cooking for her. her dad walks with a bad limp & sells newspapers by the road & she helps out regularly. she has no toys, no new clothes, no new stationeries, no good food yet, she claims that she is happy with the way life is. she is not afraid of her schoolmates poking fun at her, neither is she ashamed of her disabled parents. the way her little voice trembled when she spoke, you can tell that she was fighting back tears ): ): ): i think she’s the bravest nine year old ever.

im guilty, of course. i think we all are. how often do we indulge in good food and luxurious goods?? too many, perhaps. ): as a nine year old girl, i had about 4 barbie dolls and 1 ken. as a twenty year old, i spend money on way too many clothes & black sesame icecream & crystal jade breakfasts. man i feel so awful about myself ):