because i promised baby that i’ll buy him rochor tauhuay tonight, after studying in school for the entire afternoon and then collecting my online buys at cityhall, i took a train to aljunied &  tried to be SMARTALECKY by attempting to walk to the rochor tauhuay branch in GEYLANG. unfortunately, i got LOST there & i found myself in the RED LIGHT DISTRICT. ME, ALONE, RED LIGHT DISTRICT, LOST! there were prostitutes all around and leering old men seated in every coffeeshops that i past by ): i felt so uneasy & scared & i could feel tears in my eyes but i kept walking & keeping my eyes on the road to look out for any available cabs… when i finally got up the cab i just told the uncle to get out of geylang ): i told him i was looking for rochor beancurd & i got lost & was utterly horrified.he was telling me that i shouldnt have came alone ):

anyway, we found rochor tauhuay on the OTHER side of geylang & while i was ordering, i heard someone called my name. turned to see CHEEWEI & KENNETH. what a place to meet old friends please haha! we were like “what are you doing in geylang?!!” i told them my entire scary adventure ):

& i didnt even get my durian cheecheongfun in the end ): ): im so upset!

i think army is too stressful. baby is fast asleep & he was sleeptalking just now. he said something about giving me the ammo, returning rifles, typing something and when i asked him whats his name he replied me “NO PLACE TO GO” i was very amused & i admit i was being really mean by bombarding him with questions & hearing his incoherent replies & sitting there & laughing :D so cute <3

i love my asos dress! baby said its nice too <3

JASLEY’S PSLE RESULTS WILL BE OUT TOMORROW! im more excited than she is.