lunch with mrs naidu, qing, byy, kokloong & shaoxian was (: i wanted to fly plane initially because i woke up late with a sorethroat but im glad i didnt. we walked all the way from the cathay to paragon after lunch for desserts at cova pasticceria-confetteria (: italian cakes after a heavy lunch spells HAPPY TUMMY. i love the place, and of course the people & the conversations we had. hours of mocking & gossiping <3 i brought a camera but i forgot to take it out which is really dumb. the only shot that looks good also turns out to be the most candid shot.


some things never change, do they? we are ever so sacarstic, we still laugh at the same things & mock at the same people.

& while we were at cova, byy said to me “this is like your dream to open a restaurant like this, right?” BYY YOU JUST HAD TO SAY IT, DONT YOU! ): yah my dream. but im not even italian to start with.

this is corny but, friends are forever.