how i wish i can make my own clothes ): & im not referring to getting a pair of scissors & slashing my own leggings & tees and voila, new stuffs. NO. in fact, i dont quite get the ‘ripped’ trend. im just not hip enough i guess. anyway, by making my own clothes, i mean SEWING myself a new dress or skirt. i have not tried sewing anything decent using the sewing machine i got for my birthday from the girls yet! ): shall take it out of the box & start experimenting after exams!

i love lace. i want to add lace to everything. baby knows i love lace too. the asos dress i wore on wed has this lace peterpan collar thing, the top i wore to meet jc friends on friday was dug out from my mum’s closet & is this laced-all-over oversized tank, my top had lace details plummeting down the back on saturday & today my f21 top had subtle lace details too. i cant wait for the awesome cropped laced top from scarletroom to arrive <3

if only i was born in the victorian era. MANZZXZ. i should stop buying things with lace! ):<

blah, our xmas phuket/tioman trip is gone due to personal & seasonal reasons! however, i cant wait for the melbourne trip! 7days with baby (: no irritating army calls/texts, no annoying msn messages, no soccernet to distract him, no free afternoons for him to sleep & sleep.. imma gonna be the happiest girl :D :D :D

its raining at 2am. what a gloomy but perfect weather to sleep! but here i am trying to read up on lipid metabolism ):< i really detest all this enzymes proteins crap, i enjoyed myself reading arts modules’ reading, NOT THIS!

ahh, 2nd cup of coffee. here’s some caffeine lovin’.