the poor girl has econs paper on her big day, unfortunately ): we popped over at her place with presents & a cake to surprise her at 12midnight but she wasnt in! miss hardworking tse was camping in her smu campus ): so we left the presents with her brother instead.

anyway here’s baby’s new baby:

DECIDED – MAZDA 2 CRYSTAL WHITE. i hope the coe biddings get through!! keeping my fingers & toes crossed very tightly.

he was still on the phone with me last night discussing about how undecided he was but this afternoon he suddenly texted me & said he’s getting the mazda2 in the end. actually i knew he would end up choosing this- he has been repeating “i want a zoomzoom” everywhere he goes lately!

my first paper is in less than 12hours time! ):<

No one likes hearing this, but sometimes the person you want the most is the person you’re best without.”

-taken from my buddy’s lj. is it true? ):