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i lost my hp in malaysia ): i think i left in on the bus back from KL to Johor ugh. all my pictures & messages!! ive only used it for a few months?? ): luckily i still have my SIM card with me so im still contactable through the same number.

28th dec evening:


the 4 of us (comm members) met up at cwp for dinner & food-buying. we dilly-dallied and even bought facemasks to use when we’re up in the mountains haha. left kranji mrt at around 10.30pm for johor. the malaysia customs has upgraded! it looks similar to the singapore customs and thank goodness its airconditioned now! ha!

reached larkin bus terminal with time to kill before our 23.59pm bus to KL so we waited at macs. had icecream & curly fries & washed up to get ready for our ‘bedtime’ (:




we slept like dead logs throughout the four hour bus ride to KL and reached at around 4.30am. since our next bus from KL to Raub was at 8.30am, we had roughly four hours to kill and we went macs again.


we had macs breakfast, played daidee & gossiped & made our way to the bus terminal to board the bus to Raub. this bus journey was approx 2hours and i slept my entire way there too. talk about being tired!




at raub, we met up with the 4wheel drive uncles (experts) who drove us to have a quick light lunch before commencing on our 10km ride up the mud trail.




the 4WD experience was exhilarating!! :O we were split into four different vehicles and the driver for the one i was aboard is officially known as The Fast & Furious, Uncle Lu. the way he drives is CRAZILY fast. he turns corners at over 100km/hour in the CAR and i was scared like mad. when we got on the 4WD, it was even crazier. because we had to stand at the back with no cover/safety barriers except to grip on to the metal bars for our dear lives while Uncle Lu drove at an entirely mad speed which makes it feel as if im going to get thrown off the 4WD AND we had to duck leaves/branches/flying mud along the way! it was like an arcade game, just that it hurts when the branches slap your face & you’ll really get mud all over yourself. we also did river crossing in the 4WD. then there was this muddy area where all of us got stuck at and claire’s vehicle was tilted at a dangerous angle of 45degrees & had to tow the car up! exciting not!


check out the mud.


claire was in the safe & steady car while i was Uncle Lu’s victim. she didnt have a single spat of mud on her while im covered with speckles of mud all around! ):





best housekeeper ever haha!


harry potter teehee :D



start of trek!! the terrain wasnt too bad but there were alot of leeches!!!!! ): eeuw! they cling on really tight and its impossible to flick them away once they’ve bitten you and you have to pinch their body and twist & pluck them off your body asap if you dont have feng you or salt solution. and the leech bite wound will keep bleeding and bleeding until their saliva wears off and your blood is able to clot again. clarence got bitten at his crucial area and for a moment he thought he was having his first period :/ thats how bad it was!


waterfall slides! :D it was freaking cold and i turned slightly purple here :S


superman rovers president kahmeng.


everybody! :D


DINNERTIME! oh ignore my hair, i couldnt be bothered!


not your usual outfield cooking meal! we had pasta, cheese tofu, golden brown fried nuggets and tangyuans in peanut soup! satisfying meal for four! (: and as for the photo in the middle on the most right row, wenjun & i were pretending to be drug addicts. rofl. the white powder is actually johnsons baby powder ha!




packing up & leaving in the morning after a breakfast of croissants, salmon mayo, scrambled eggs and hot milo!


goodbye lata berembun!! another 10km of 4WD down. nobody dared to join Uncle Lu’s vehicle because they all witnessed what happened to us but the group of us likes to live life dangerously so we were all game for Uncle Lu’s Fast & Furious Round Two :D LOL.


our crazy vehicle.


UNCLE LU. he has a 1half year old son & he said he doesnt care if his son gets degree or whatsoever. he wants his son to be a hairdresses because it pays well in malaysia plus he said women spells money from top to toe! haha!

after we bid goodbyes to the uncles, we left raub for KL and had free&easy at berjaya times square for a good 3and a half hours (:


had cheap secret recipe for lunch & the 4 comm members nua-ed + gossiped in starbucks until it was time to leave (: dragged ourselves to the bus terminal & took the 4hour bus back to johor. by the time we reached, it was already 10pm. i only realised that ive lost my phone after i alighted from the malaysian bus and when i wanted to go back to look for it, the bus was already gone ): how unlucky. ):

baby was waiting for me at the singapore customs & he drove claire & i home (: he waited for me to bath first & then we went down to grab a bite because i haven had any dinner before he drove himself home because he has to report to camp in the morning. thanks baby!

its the last day of 2008! the year seemed to have zoomed past me. so many things had happened within the 365days! but im too tired now to start another entry on resolutions & whatnots. shall get some proper sleep in my bed with my favourite quilt now! goodnight (:



my dear secondary exclassmates are trying to kill each other by uploading our horrific photos taken 7years ago and tagging every single recongnizable faces :/ mental note to self: never ever ever take photos with a twisted tongue sticking out + james bond handsign + glaring forehead. omg i need a moment to hate myself.

i managed to squeeze all my trekking stuffs into my tiny tiny red timberland backpack. i think the participants are going to laugh at me later ):


ive just checked the weather forecast for malaysia, raub and theres 60% chance of precipitation & thunderstorm on both days!! i really really hope it wont rain ): raining spoils everything! im going to pray hard for the 40%.

i love asos sales & the low exchange rate (:


ive been staying over at baby’s place for the past few days because my sis’s aussie friend is here to visit & is staying at our place for a month! \been sleeping at unearthly hours & waking up in the afternoon, how unhealthy!

speaking of unhealthy-ness, we had curry fish head for dinner tonight! :D i dont think ive digested any of it yet but we’re going for mac breakfast later ha!

going for lata berembun trek with nus rovers tomorrow and i have not even packed my bag ):

asos is having a sale! :D

caught bedtime stories this afternoon. adam sandlers is funneh funny! i had so much popcorn the taste is still lingering in my mouth now.


ive never loved popcorn so much in my entire life before. ummmmmmmmmm.


watching kindaichi now. its a 1995 classic! i think i first watched it in primary 6?! i still like tsuyoshi as the first kindaichi most out of all three. matsumoto jun & anne suzuki pairing was just slightly weird because anna suzuki made miyuki sounded a little too annoyingly hyper. ive only caught one episode of the kindaichi series by kame & juri ueno and i think they did a decent job too. juri ueno is amazing in most shows she acted in! (remember swing girls & last friends! )


christmas dinner was… very chinese. ate at a chinese seafood restaurant with dad, mom, sis & her bf james. jacky came down after he was done with his family’s dinner for second round of crabs ha!


we had like, two types of crabs: chilli & black pepper! and because i only suffered mild itchiness on my forearms for a day after eating lobster in aussie, i decided to be brave & went ahead to eat crabs today! :D




we spent christmas together & gave each other our presents at 12.


i hope the manchester united car mat i bought from their official website online fits his new mazda 2 (: thankyou baby for the softtoy & more importantly, the very unique ring with special engravings the bear was carrying.

we didnt join girlfriends for lunch, sorry girls! ): i hope you girls enjoyed yourself!

both our parents asked us for dinner together tonight so in order not to disappoint either side, we decided that i’ll go with mine and he’ll go with his & we’ll meet up later.

ho,ho,ho. merry christmas everybody (:

怎么了 你累了
说好的 幸福呢
我懂了 不说了
爱淡了 梦远了

你不等了 说好的幸福呢
我错了 泪干了

i really wanted to spend christmas with you. still, i hope you liked my present.


i feel like that trapped reindeer whenever i head to town recently. theres crowds everywhere & i get pushed around & stepped on every few minutes! ):< i hope school starts soon for all the pri/sec/jc people so that i can shop in peace without queuing up for fitting rooms!

anyway i woke up bright & early this morning & headed back to school for the trek briefing, met up with vk at vivo for lunch & some mini shopping (mini because theres nothing to shop for at vivo) before heading for coffee simply due to the chaotic human traffic in the mall. ive been having lots of futile attempts to get myself some pretty hair accessories ): whats wrong with f21! it used to be my trusty-hair-accessories shop but their stuffs are getting boring! ): hurry, update please!

dinner was at miss clarity cafe again, this time round with the boyfriend. no desserts & nothing new, i ate what i ate the previous time because my mood wasnt very pretty this evening.

#1. the girl who was supposed to meet me at the mrt station was terribly late & i left after 20minutes of waiting. (she apologized & we’re meeting tmr morning and im cool with it now)

#2. my handphone was dead. i hate it when im out handphone-less.

#3. because my handphone was dead, i borrowed his extra hp when i met up with him & i read a message that didnt register too well in my head. it was… disturbing to a certain extent. lets just say, i dont like it when outsiders poke their noses into our problems. and which, they usually give the wrong/misleading advice & false assumptions. damn.

#4. double ): ): at the idea of … oh well, forget it. i am fine now anyway.

played night mahjong with bf, thomas & willis. i won, miraculously (:

and i got back my results today. i didnt do well but to my surprise, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be?? i got a bloody C for the paper that i studied until my brain burnt out but a B for the paper that i barely studied for (and even contemplated not sitting for) told you life science is a huge joke ):< how annoying!

2 more things: i hate menses cramp! i hope the postman comes with my parcels tomorrow!

one thing that im not liking about the christmas season is that its take forever for singpost to deliver my items when i buy things online ):<

sunday was dongzhi but i didnt get to enjoy my share of tangyuans! ): x 10. my family had the dough-rolling session without me on saturday because i wasn’t home & by the time i got back on saturday night, there was none left for me!


sunday dinner = steamboat at bugis with baby’s family. i love steamboats because it feels so chinese new year and i love cnys (:


we chanced upon this russian man (the bald one, taking pictures with strangers) who is deaf & mute & was attracting alot of attention with his motorbike. the notice attached on his briefcase read:


wow salute! im full of admiration and respect for this man! i really do hope he succeeds (: he started on this journey from may2000… its already been 8years+! he has a website: although its not in english, you can browse the photos he’d taken over the years!

sunday night was spent playing mahjong at sihui’s place. michelle is flying off to beijing/shanghai tomorrow! its -10degree celsius there and she refused to bring winter jacket?! MISS TANG FREEZING TO DEATH IS NOT A FUN WAY TO DIE PLEASE GET SOME PROPER ONES ONCE YOU TOUCH DOWN OKAY! & BUY LOTS OF H&M BACK! BON VOYAGE!


monday after dinner snack: instant microwave popcorn. it smells and tastes like the snack Cheezels. i want to eat GV popcorn ugh.

and presenting to you a buy that im proud of:


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE♥ the flats! my abso-mega-lutely favourite buy today! :D the gold bow reminds me so much of the earring i have & ive been wanting to get a pair of new black flats because the previous one kept giving me blisters. perfect timing♥! the little miss chatterbox mug was bought in aussie but today was the first time i used it. cute!

i cant wait to wear my flats out tomorrow!

twilight was.. surprisingly good. actually, any movie that makes me cry&laugh in a short span of 2hours or less is good. and its not hard to make me cry/laugh. i guess i dont really have high expectations when it comes to movies? :D

im so hooked on popcorn now! was googling for caramel butter popcorn recipes online a moment ago & i found a few promising ones. super eager to try them out soon!

anyway i saw this cutesy skirt from f21 today & im so in love with it!!! too bad the queue for the fitting rooms was long & we were meeting his parents for dinner so i didnt get to try it ): pfffftt.


poor boy down with flu & headache, who also fell asleep immediately after i fed him his medicine. oh sickness please go away. and yes, i hope everybody’s ready for christmas!