day two – 5th dec

woke up at 7.30am although we slept at like 2++am the previous night. the thing about travelling with a tour group is that they tend to bring you to all the tourist attractions even if they are miles & miles away so the bus rides were extremely long & your ass feels like its going to start smoking from all the sitting. in the beginning i’ll try my best to pay attention to what the tour guide is saying but i always zonk out after a while & wake up only when we’ve reached the destination. so we got to recharge on the bus.



puffing billy railway station – menzies creek! the train reminds me of thomas the train & friends.





camwhore while waiting for the train.



train ride! we sat on the window ledge & dangled our feet in the cold air & poked our heads out of the windows & baby tried to grab leaves on the way, so cute (^-^ゞ we got off at two stations later at emerald and look at the train conductor:


he reminds me of kfc colonel!! or summer santa claus without his beard! (: couldnt resist & i asked him for a picture.

next stop, the farm!


really yummy grilled chicken drumsticks. chickens courtesy of the chickens at the farm (: some old guy was singing christmas jingles live with a guitar at the restaurant & he sounded perfect, like a cd!

the farm had poo scattered all over the footpath & we had to be careful for each & every step that we took haha. our first activity was feeding the sheep with milk in gigantic milk bottles. but i have no photos at the moment ): the sheep suck really hard & it requires some serious strength to pull the nozzle out of their mouths. and it leaves a trail of their saliva omg eeks!


cow milking! it wasnt as easy as i thought it would be & i was really nervous because i was afraid of hurting miss cow & she kicks me or something. baby’s mum was telling us not to drink the unprocessed milk but i sniffed at it and it actually smells sweet.


we were standing inside the digger scoop and our farm guides were like “lift them up! left them up!” while we took this snapshot :D


feeding little lambs with leaves. they eat extra fast!


绵绵 mianmian! gosh i love animals.



sheep shearring! it was unbearable to watch for me because i felt so sorry for the sheep!! baby told me its painless for them but the way it struggled & wiggled between the legs of the shearer made me think otherwise. plus the weather was so chilly, what would they do without their protective ‘clothing’!!? ): i could see sadness in its eyesssss. but the shearred sheep feels like a short fur softtoy heh!

then we went to an open grasspatch to learn whip cracking. the way the farm guides did it, it looked so simple but i only managed to crack it twice out of like, twenty tries & i WHIPPED MYSELF! ): ): ):


can you see the red mark??? it looks like 藤条 mark. ): i furiously applied lanolin given by baby’s mum.


kangaroo feeding! this place is smelly like crap & flies were everywhere.


we left the farm for philips island in the late afternoon & took pictures on the beach (but not in my camera). i think all of us reeked of the farm and flies were following us everywhere we went! ): i nearly wanted to buy a straw hat with net to keep the flies away ugh!


dinner = lobster meal!! each of us had half a lobster & i disregarded my allergy and spoilt myself teehee (: and i didnt feel itchy after the meal! (:



playing with chocolate chip flavoured bubbles & posing for the camera after a heavy meal. i bought around 15packets of pods back for my sister from their supermarket coles and everyone was asking me if its very nice. embarrassed to the max.


our next stop was the penguin parade!!! its EXTREMELY cold there & my fingernails were turning purple even though i had my winter coat on! basically its this boardwalk thing that leads to this ‘audience stand’ by the sea & we were to sit around & wait for the penguins to come home! cute aint it! the penguins will start to swim to the shore in groups & they’ll ‘line up’ to march up the shore together in single file. its all part of their natural habits & not staged or anything. the penguins are really tiny & unlike the ones we have in singapore zoo & seriously too cute to be true. i didnt know penguins’ natural habitats are actually burrows in the soil along the hills & they will climb all the way from the shore back home. the boardwalk allows onlookers to follow the penguins’ footsteps side by side to a certain point as they make their way back to their respective burrows. the rangers reminded us that cameras are banned & no pictures are to be taken but some irritating china tourists still whipped out their cameras ):< they really dont listen, do they?

thats the end of day two & all of us were dead beat by the time we got back to the hotel room.

third day in melbourne was a free & easy day for us so it meant S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!! (: we hit the streets immediately after our breakfast. shops open early in australia, at around 9.30am!



the bustling bourke street mall!! their supre was huge with 2 levels of goodies but it was hard shopping in there because of the heavy thumping of their techno music & darkly lit interior. i kaching-ed quite a bit here actually haha. and i managed to get the skirt for veekay here too (: they have this store called forever new here & they sell nice clothings too! its kind of like topshop-ish and i bought a pretty skirt from there. :D shops like sportsgirl, portsman and sussan had gorgeous stuffs but they were not very wallet-friendly. anyway i would say australian service is an A+! they greet all customers with wide smiles & they’ll ask how are you & stuffs like tt. plus they have staff hanging around the fitting rooms to help you accessorize / mix&match / give customers opinions when you try on their stuffs. im impressed!


we had fabulous vietnamese noodles for lunch at mekong restaurant. weirdly, service from the asians was crap. more about this later. but luckily the food made up for it (: baby & i went back to the crumpler store that we went to earlier on because his mum realised that the bag they bought for jasley had loose threadings & the lady exchanged the bag for a new one for us without even checking the receipt or asking any questions! in singapore, the boutiques/stores will probably demand for your receipt & check the condition of the defect product & ask a million questions blah blah blah. no wonder singapore govt launched the GEMS movement (Go the Extra Mile for Service), we totally need that.

after combing chinatown, we had cans & packs of abalone & nougats & our shopping loot & jasley + baby were sleepy. his parents & the two of them took a cab back to the hotel to rest while jasmine (baby’s elder sis) & i continued shopping :D girls are born to shop!


check out this chrysler limo!


we were searching for this facial product under the brand LA CLINICA but we couldnt find it at any departmental stores such as myer & david jones. anyway myer had this level thats totally onpedder-ish. they sell christian louboutins shoes, chloe, marc jacobs etc. bags and they place them like they are some cheapo goods on the shelves. :O okay back to topic, so somehow another shopper who overheard us asking the cosmetic countergirl about the product knew where to find its boutique & gave us the directions (told you aussies are nice!) but both of us forgot what she said after we reached the next street LOL. we found ourselves near crumpler again so we went in and ask for directions. this time round its a guy & he had no idea but he offered to ‘whack it in google’ & search for us. HOW NICE IS THAT (: we managed to find the boutique in the end but its CLOSED! at 5.10pm! ughhh.


funny mirror. we bought macdonalds back to the hotel for dinner & we got LOUSY SERVICE THERE! and guess what, the counter girl is an ASIAN too. i dont understand, why must they be so rude & have that foul look on their faces. and then people complain about foreigners being racist against asians, look at yourself! im an asian and im ashamed of your behaviour, yucks. and we got lost on the way back to the hotel ): by the time we got back, my legs were breaking & my shoes had developed crocodile mouths. ):



more strawberries & cardgames before bedtime. note the missing card in the base layer! amazing! (: & i saw for myself how close baby’s family is that night. both his sisters were over at our room watching tv on the bed together and baby kept saying lets all go over to their parents room to keep them company. all of us gathered in his parents room & baby was somersaulting on the bed & his sisters asking him to stop it ♥ aiyo, 可爱男人 teehee.

next post, byebye melbourne, hello sydney! (: