i wanted to pop by the new library this afternoon but the heavy rain kept me at home. so i cooked my own lunch which consists of lemon rosemary baked snapper fillet & a handful of edamame beans. being bored, i decided to test out the cookie cutters i got from my aussie trip & i baked a batch of koala butter cookies. am absolutely satisfied with the results & i cant wait to try the whole series of the cutters which consists of shapes of echida, platypus, kangaroo and some frilled neck lizard! koala is the cutest, no doubt!


met up with veekay in the evening & we hit town to get some materials for diy xmas cards & dinner (: we spotted barney & gang at ps but we have no idea who is that flame-haired orange dino. anyway we hate barney & his perfect row of white teeth :/ finally got to try the dimsum at victor’s kitchen!! its SO good & value-for-money, im definitely going back there again! their carrotcake is one of the best that ive ever tasted – super soft & full of flavour. & the youtiao cheong fun is Yummy with a capital Y. the funny thing was, the two of us were dressed up but we were sitting there sucking on chicken feet :D unglamness factor: 10/10 but satisfaction level: busted.

we took a cab down to wisma for some shopping & i couldnt resist this royal purple miss selfridge dress! (gasps) i love the cutting & the awesome sexy back & the big bow infront. (i gladly brought it home by the way) my wardrobe is bursting, im going to clear some old clothing out tmr, i promise. veekay & i are such bad influences on each other when it comes to shopping but we love shopping with each other because of the very same reason.

bumped into clarissa on the way back & shes heading over to carrie’s place for mahjong. I NEED SOME MAHJONG IN MY LIFE TOO &*(%$@&%$ ):<

oh & i told vk i’ll post the picture of anthony wong lookalike i saw in sydney omgzzxzz!


HAHAHAHA! agree?

.. vk told me that losing a ring felt like a bad omen for her previous relationship. jacky left his ring in the hotel room in melbourne… i choose not to think about it. well.

& since its past 12,


another monthsary that we’re not going to spend together because he is going to celebrate his best friend’s birthday with his friends at night after he books out. i do miss the times when we’d celebrate every single month spent together. but, i will think like an adult & get over this. plus he is having some overnight training now. i hope he’ll be fine. goodnight.