more saturday night rovers bbq pictures from claire’s camera.


sunday dinner at miss clarity cafe. superb food (my herb crusted dory was fantastic. zee best.) we ordered a ‘pudding’ each for dessert & was expecting something jelly-like but it turned out to look like a piece of roasted meat (think seobak) with cream sauce. we approached it with caution &…  it tasted divine! we figured out its christmas pudding instead of the pudding we thought it first was. such fab food & pocket-friendly too,more meals there please!


& this is to michelle tang. thanks for being such a nice-y and driving me to & fro sihui’s place that night for mahjong. she kept complaining about her new hair (she twist-perm-ed it!) but i think it doesnt look old, dont stars do that all the time? and her subtle bob is really cute too.


lunch & comm meeting for the lata berembun trek on sunday. i spent $950 that morning to get all the bus tickets for the trek… im so broke now. i hope i get my money back soon because christmas is coming.


after which claire & i went shopping and she found this pair of amazing looking boots that screams kate moss.

supposed to go cycling with marilyn this morning but the weather didn’t look good so it got cancelled. but im determined not to stay at home so i think i’ll be joining adeline, ping & alan to the army market later to stock up on trekking essentials.

last night he texted me “night love” & last night was also the only night i didnt cry myself to sleep.