without anyone else’s knowledge except for his mom & jasley, i showed up at his place in the late afternoon and started to lay out the bucket of foam hearts i brought along. after i was done at around 5.30, we switched off the lights and jasley peeked through the curtains to help me keep a lookout for his return. but we got so engrossed in chitchatting & forgot all about the lookout. luckily his mum came up to inform us that that jacky is BACKKK. so jasley left me alone to hide behind the door.

the moment he stopped in his track & went ‘eh??’ after he saw it, i popped up from behind and gave him a big hug. neither of us needed to say anything & the moment was perfected with a kiss & an exchange of  ‘i missed you’.

it almost felt too comfortable to be in his arms again.

we had dinner in town with jasley at cedele & azabusabo icecream for dessert (because he booked out earlier to babysit his sister while his parents go for dinner). it feels good for things to be back to normal, or even better. this is the happiest ive felt for the past week.

& sephora is open! but its so disgustingly crowded in town today theres human jam everywhere so baby said we’ll return next week since he is on leave for the next week except for half a day on xmas eve.

oh plus his coe bidding was successful on the second try & now all he has to wait for is to bid for his SJ(acky)P(ay) carplate before getting his very own mazda2 zoom zoom. i cant wait either!

thankyou to all the people who saw me through the past week by dropping me encouraging texts & comments & spending time with me when i was at my lowest point. and to miss kong, your emotional support meant alot to me & thanks for believing in me. one thing for sure, you dont have to kidnap him & tie him under my christmas tree anymore! (:

let things stay this way forever & ever.