i feel like that trapped reindeer whenever i head to town recently. theres crowds everywhere & i get pushed around & stepped on every few minutes! ):< i hope school starts soon for all the pri/sec/jc people so that i can shop in peace without queuing up for fitting rooms!

anyway i woke up bright & early this morning & headed back to school for the trek briefing, met up with vk at vivo for lunch & some mini shopping (mini because theres nothing to shop for at vivo) before heading for coffee simply due to the chaotic human traffic in the mall. ive been having lots of futile attempts to get myself some pretty hair accessories ): whats wrong with f21! it used to be my trusty-hair-accessories shop but their stuffs are getting boring! ): hurry, update please!

dinner was at miss clarity cafe again, this time round with the boyfriend. no desserts & nothing new, i ate what i ate the previous time because my mood wasnt very pretty this evening.

#1. the girl who was supposed to meet me at the mrt station was terribly late & i left after 20minutes of waiting. (she apologized & we’re meeting tmr morning and im cool with it now)

#2. my handphone was dead. i hate it when im out handphone-less.

#3. because my handphone was dead, i borrowed his extra hp when i met up with him & i read a message that didnt register too well in my head. it was… disturbing to a certain extent. lets just say, i dont like it when outsiders poke their noses into our problems. and which, they usually give the wrong/misleading advice & false assumptions. damn.

#4. double ): ): at the idea of … oh well, forget it. i am fine now anyway.

played night mahjong with bf, thomas & willis. i won, miraculously (:

and i got back my results today. i didnt do well but to my surprise, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be?? i got a bloody C for the paper that i studied until my brain burnt out but a B for the paper that i barely studied for (and even contemplated not sitting for) told you life science is a huge joke ):< how annoying!

2 more things: i hate menses cramp! i hope the postman comes with my parcels tomorrow!