i lost my hp in malaysia ): i think i left in on the bus back from KL to Johor ugh. all my pictures & messages!! ive only used it for a few months?? ): luckily i still have my SIM card with me so im still contactable through the same number.

28th dec evening:


the 4 of us (comm members) met up at cwp for dinner & food-buying. we dilly-dallied and even bought facemasks to use when we’re up in the mountains haha. left kranji mrt at around 10.30pm for johor. the malaysia customs has upgraded! it looks similar to the singapore customs and thank goodness its airconditioned now! ha!

reached larkin bus terminal with time to kill before our 23.59pm bus to KL so we waited at macs. had icecream & curly fries & washed up to get ready for our ‘bedtime’ (:




we slept like dead logs throughout the four hour bus ride to KL and reached at around 4.30am. since our next bus from KL to Raub was at 8.30am, we had roughly four hours to kill and we went macs again.


we had macs breakfast, played daidee & gossiped & made our way to the bus terminal to board the bus to Raub. this bus journey was approx 2hours and i slept my entire way there too. talk about being tired!




at raub, we met up with the 4wheel drive uncles (experts) who drove us to have a quick light lunch before commencing on our 10km ride up the mud trail.




the 4WD experience was exhilarating!! :O we were split into four different vehicles and the driver for the one i was aboard is officially known as The Fast & Furious, Uncle Lu. the way he drives is CRAZILY fast. he turns corners at over 100km/hour in the CAR and i was scared like mad. when we got on the 4WD, it was even crazier. because we had to stand at the back with no cover/safety barriers except to grip on to the metal bars for our dear lives while Uncle Lu drove at an entirely mad speed which makes it feel as if im going to get thrown off the 4WD AND we had to duck leaves/branches/flying mud along the way! it was like an arcade game, just that it hurts when the branches slap your face & you’ll really get mud all over yourself. we also did river crossing in the 4WD. then there was this muddy area where all of us got stuck at and claire’s vehicle was tilted at a dangerous angle of 45degrees & had to tow the car up! exciting not!


check out the mud.


claire was in the safe & steady car while i was Uncle Lu’s victim. she didnt have a single spat of mud on her while im covered with speckles of mud all around! ):





best housekeeper ever haha!


harry potter teehee :D



start of trek!! the terrain wasnt too bad but there were alot of leeches!!!!! ): eeuw! they cling on really tight and its impossible to flick them away once they’ve bitten you and you have to pinch their body and twist & pluck them off your body asap if you dont have feng you or salt solution. and the leech bite wound will keep bleeding and bleeding until their saliva wears off and your blood is able to clot again. clarence got bitten at his crucial area and for a moment he thought he was having his first period :/ thats how bad it was!


waterfall slides! :D it was freaking cold and i turned slightly purple here :S


superman rovers president kahmeng.


everybody! :D


DINNERTIME! oh ignore my hair, i couldnt be bothered!


not your usual outfield cooking meal! we had pasta, cheese tofu, golden brown fried nuggets and tangyuans in peanut soup! satisfying meal for four! (: and as for the photo in the middle on the most right row, wenjun & i were pretending to be drug addicts. rofl. the white powder is actually johnsons baby powder ha!




packing up & leaving in the morning after a breakfast of croissants, salmon mayo, scrambled eggs and hot milo!


goodbye lata berembun!! another 10km of 4WD down. nobody dared to join Uncle Lu’s vehicle because they all witnessed what happened to us but the group of us likes to live life dangerously so we were all game for Uncle Lu’s Fast & Furious Round Two :D LOL.


our crazy vehicle.


UNCLE LU. he has a 1half year old son & he said he doesnt care if his son gets degree or whatsoever. he wants his son to be a hairdresses because it pays well in malaysia plus he said women spells money from top to toe! haha!

after we bid goodbyes to the uncles, we left raub for KL and had free&easy at berjaya times square for a good 3and a half hours (:


had cheap secret recipe for lunch & the 4 comm members nua-ed + gossiped in starbucks until it was time to leave (: dragged ourselves to the bus terminal & took the 4hour bus back to johor. by the time we reached, it was already 10pm. i only realised that ive lost my phone after i alighted from the malaysian bus and when i wanted to go back to look for it, the bus was already gone ): how unlucky. ):

baby was waiting for me at the singapore customs & he drove claire & i home (: he waited for me to bath first & then we went down to grab a bite because i haven had any dinner before he drove himself home because he has to report to camp in the morning. thanks baby!

its the last day of 2008! the year seemed to have zoomed past me. so many things had happened within the 365days! but im too tired now to start another entry on resolutions & whatnots. shall get some proper sleep in my bed with my favourite quilt now! goodnight (: