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i had this loving old couple as my neighbours and i would always see them walking hand in hand to the market. both of them looked like they were between 65 or 75. i had a deeper impression on them because the old lady understood hakka and could communicate with my granny. anyway her husband died last night in his sleep ): imagine, sleeping next to your loved one and waking up to realise that he is already dead. ): ): sigh.

and i had a pretty bad dream last night. its the kind of dream that you heave a huge sigh of relief when you wake up to realise that its just a dream and not true in reality. thank god.



cny day two, my little nephew keith is absolutely adorable and i kept taking pictures of him the entire evening. but the first question he asked me when he saw me was: ‘wheres jacky pay?’ wheres the ‘happy new year’!

went to jacky’s friend’s hse, jefferson’s, to play mahjong this afternoon. his house has very fancy lights and a very high-tech toilet bowl that uses remote control to flush/lift seat cover/wash&blowdry your butt and it plays music once its in use. i only saw this kind of stuff on tv from japan so i was pretty amused.

sigh, i have so many things running through my mind, it feels as though it is about to burst open.


yes, lydia thats my sis haha. you rarely got to see her in pri school!


family <3 why is it that none of us lookalike??



first day of cny. this is the power-rangers+tom&jerry+sailormoon era kids.


new year, new car. HAHA I WISH. anyway thats a rollsroyce parked right outside the restaurant where we had our reunion dinner just now! i was stealing a pic of this when i heard someone said: “taking picture HUH!” from behind me and i turned around to see………


GLAYEN CHUAAAAAA. hahaha he was my sec 1 & 2 computer teacher at anderson sec!? my mum thought he was my classmate pls, made him so happy lol. anyway we reached and left the restaurant at the same time!


my sis & james. james looked really sad here because half his face is swollen as he was hit by the door when my sis opened it at the same time. how nice of her haha.


notice the progression of my dad’s smile in the 3 photos.


THE FOOOOOD. ONE WORD: FANTASTIC. all ten dishes were yummy!



chinese new year eve 09.

back from peck’s party! (:


we lied to her and presented her a bioinformatics textbook as her pres instead haha. she screamt at the sight of it lol. of course we gave her something else later on teehee.


LSM peopleeee.


she made a cute slideshow for everyone and made a really long birthday wish that the candles were burnt more than halfway thru. the cake was uber good, some belgian chocolate thingy with a hint of rum!


my red nails + white 3D bows nailart + asos laced up jazz shoes (:

i still dont know what i want to do for my 21st but i want a customized bow birthday cake!

so i had a mini CA after my lab session yesterday which i totally didnt prepare for. pfffft.

evening = mich 22nd birthday celebration. her maid prepared ELEVEN crabs omg. ate and ate and watched tv + played wii + with mich’s jack russell bosco. bosco loves karen & jacky and kept attempting to hump their legs, pervy dog!




SO CUTE RIGHT. (you cannot say no) teehee.


didnt turn up for bike recce in the end, sorry rovers!! ): but let me make it up to everybody with the preets membership cards! :D really happy with the way the cards turned out although they could have been a little brighter on the front. but still, i think its not bad! (:

and to my buddy veekay, im glad you took that step forward and cleared the misunderstanding between the two of you (: (: (:

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i dont mean to blog so many times in a day but i came home to find a chinese new year card addressed to me from an unfamiliar handwriting. turns out that its from RunwayBandit’s Eil & Swee. i seriously think that this tiny gesture is extremely sweet of them. they probably sent the cards to all the people who purchased stuffs from them before/are on their mailing list. this is what i call value-added service!

love them!

last night i binged on butter cookies & i woke up feeling heaty + disgusted with myself but the disgust soon wore off after i realised the time was 7.30am & im still in my pyjamas when my lecture was supposed to start at 8am. since i was already late, i didnt bother to waste money on cabfare & took my own sweet time to take the train to school. reached at 9am, not too bad afterall.

peck handed me the invitation card to her 21st party at pan pacific today! pretty excited ho, since 21sts are supposedly a rather big event for everyone. people have asked me about what do i plan to do and my answer is always I DONT KNOW. seriously, i have no idea what i want to do for mine hence im not exactly looking forward to it. pfftt ):

i have a feeling im going to look super haggard for cny. school on friday from 10 to 6, mich’s birthday celebration at 7, bike recce for B2B starting at ECP at 11pm all the way to saturday morning. peck’s 21st celebration on saturday evening… AND i have to wrap up the pineapple tarts baking episode + i am ambitious so i wanna make my favourite peanut cookies + prepare the hi-tea buffet stuffs for baby’s mum. and on top of all that, i have to ensure that the rovers membership cards get printed & got to collect them before 24th. i am superwoman yay.

shucks im like really dying for a particular asos dress. $120, I. AM. HESITANT. BUT. I.CANNOT.GET.IT.OUT.OF.MY.HEAD. damn online shopping!

baby’s dad gonna collect his new car tomorrow. mercz Sclass teehee, i am secretly excited for it although it has got nothing to do with me. anyway baby’s carplate bidding failed for the first round. i hope he gets the other number he’s bidding for this 2nd time round! then he’ll be able to get his car before feb (:

last night i was complaining to jacky that i am not used to the idea of him ORD-ing haha. because we got together on the day he enlisted (weird i know, dont ask) so all this while, im accustomed to the fact that he is in army while im in school. guess i’ll need some time to get used to the idea! i am so strange :/

hokay! after this wordy entry, i think im back.

can i just be myself for tonight? just one night. one night is all i need & after this one night, im going back to be the yuanru that everyone knows.