i want to get one of those slouchy oversized tee in mustard yellow but i cant seem to find any! its either black or white or black everywhere! :/ should i just buy one mens tee & zeng it?


baby being featured here using his gps. in my opinion, gps is essential for every driver because it takes you anywhere! much better than flipping thru street directory & planning e route beforehand and you’ll never be lost (: and thats me wearing the grey skirt with pretty bow details at the sides & exposed back zipper. love the skirt but it met with a tiny mishap while we were out :S i hope i’ll be able to get it fixed!

i woke up at 11am this morning & was bored as baby was still asleep. raided the fridge & realised its very well-stocked haha. texted his mum & informed her tt im going to cook japanese curry for lunch :D since there was everything that i needed, i decided to be cook omurice (japanese fried rice wrapped with omelette) to go with the curry.


im so happy i successfully wrapped the rice with the omelette into this fat yellow pillow-lookalike goodness :D thereby truly imitating the real omurice deal. the curry looks gross in this picture because of the random pieces of potatoes, carrots, baby corn & chicken laying around in the flooded plate but its not bad hokay!

accompanied baby to SGH for his appointment & we waited ridiculously long for his turn ):< we reached at 3++pm but he only managed to see the doctor at around 6.45pm!? i fell asleep at the waiting area ugh!


can you tell how bored i was? ):

we just had macs breakfast about an hour or so ago & although i am really tired, i dont think sleeping with the hotcakes in my stomach is a very good idea. mr i-ate-a-big-breakfast-meal-plus-extra-sausage-and-large-coke is in his deep sweet slumber now. how come he doesnt ever get fat????? ):