driving in the morning + afternoon. slept the whole late afternoon away. woke up to no dinner so i decided to cook my own meal. baked pasta, the 20mins in the oven felt like forever because it was 8pm and i was super hungry plus the smell was mouthwatering. wanted to bake some lemon pepper snapper fillet to go along with the carbs but i figured im too lazy to care whether i get any protein or not.


in the process of waiting for my main i found tiramisu made by my sis & her bf last night. i ate many many spoonfuls of it because it tastes so damn good! i need to get the recipe from her soon! i apologise for the gross photo above. the tiramisu was a little too wet because my sis probably bathed the sponge fingers in the kahlua mixture for too long.

wanted to go for a jog but im crazily full now and will probably throw up my dinner if i do so.

boyfriend went for his class dinner & they had thai express. of the 3 previous times when we had thai food together, he had tummy upset for all 3 times :/ i hope he’ll be hokay.

pffftt, one of the asos skirt i ordered for went oos! ):

im still undecided between the two modules ): its either JS2225 with marilyn and i’ll get a 3day week (whee!!) or japanese language ALONE + a 4day week. JS2225 will require me to put in extra effort since its all about marketing & consumerism in japan but japanese language will be much more relaxing for me because i already have a JLPT level4 cert! think, yuanru, think!

deedeedada, oh and theres a girl working at the video rental store near my place who looks 75% like geraldine!