school has been busy.


rovers meeting last night till 9plus & i couldnt take it so i cabbed home.

today was officially my first day of school. woke up late first thing in the morning & had to cab to school again! what a waste of money! ): lecture, went down to bbdc to understand some stuffs and back to school again for one more lecture until 6pm. went to tcc by the bay at keppel bay for aldrich’s birthday dinner! the place is damn nice + ambience was superb :D







after dinner we strolled along keppel bay & took random shots of the pretty nightview over there & headed to sentosa for more strolling + chitchat (:


we saw fiona xie + michelle chia + allan wu there (the one in yellow dress is michelle) i think they were shooting for the new cny carlsberg commercial hoho. we also caught mini fireworks display at the end of the songs of the sea performance which looked like sentosa was on fire in the photo that i captured.

it feels so good to be hanging out with hazel again with all those random gossip from all over the place! the clique is going iceskating tmr evening but im giving it a miss because i have a date with leeshuang at vittles! :D

came home and although im like so tired at 11++pm, i decided to prepare the fillings for the pineapple tarts which i promised my mum that i’ll make for cny. im super tired now and my eyes are bloodshot red now but i have not even bathed and printed my notes for the 8am lecture that im having tomorrow morning ):

but somehow, i have a feeling unless i banish those thoughts, i cant fall asleep tonight. sigh.