i woke up late for school AGAIN and today the cab fare cost me $30 due to peak hour surcharge + ERP. im like throwing money into the sea! ): so frustrated wtih myself. why cant i just wake up a teeny weeny bit earlier?!

school was not exciting at all. and marilyn had her hair done!! she cut her hair short & dyed it red & she really really carries off the look! maybe i should go to her stylist because my hair is forever boring with a capital B.

FINALLY met up with leeshuang this evening for dinner! we ended up at ajisen ramen instead of vittles (:


shuang + i = crazy forever :D


in daiso, shuang: “these cups are for pee-ing” :D

baybee injured his tailbone! and he has 32km route march tmr night all the way to friday afternoon. & after tt he will have nothing to do in camp everyday until the day he ords. friday will also be the day the bidding result for his carplate to be announced. exciting!