i spent the entire morning doing up the rovers membership card design & its finally ALL completed! im so proud of myself. i need to get it printed asap so that we can distribute the cards during the booth for the bike to bite event (:

tried out two recipes for brunch today! made the ‘egg in toast’ thing recommended by shuang & its zomg-fun to eat! get a thick slice of white bread & press down the middle portion; crack an egg into the middle ‘well’ & sprinkle cheese or ham or whatever you want on your toast over the egg and put it in the oven for around fifteen minutes :D the result was BRILLIANT because the bread will be all toasted and crunchy & the egg is hot + slightly runny so that when you bite, the yellow goodness flows out and you’ll have to slurrrrrrrrp it up fast. teehee plus its NOT OILY. love it!


bacon & cheese loaded baked potato skin. this is yum too. actually im was just testing out the recipe as im planning to serve this as one of the fingerfood for baby’s mum’s exclassmates gathering.

speaking of which, i need to get pretty individual transparent cups so that i can make tiramisu too. where to find?!

baby lost his 11B today. $50! ):


ending with randomness. baby’s sis wrote this for me! thats the prettiest my chinese name has ever been!