i didnt blog about the mishap i met with my favourite gold bow black flats two days ago because i was mega-ly upset about the incident ): this was what happened: i was rushing for the bus back to nus from bbdc so i ran & kicked the curb really hard by accident and the metal gold bow broke into half!! ): but i didnt realise it only after 2 stops and i hurried down the bus & walked all the way back to bbdc to search for the broken piece. found it in the middle of the road & i bought superglue on the way back to nus. and much to the amusement of the clique, i sat at the canteen & tried to glue the ribbon back. it held… until after dinnertime when we were camwhoring along keppel bay. IT. DROPPED. AGAIN. searched all around for it & bryan found it under some stairs & im too afraid to lose it again so i decided to let it be ):

SO MAJORLY UPSET OVER IT! i love the pair of shoes ALOT. michelle urged me to ask the storekeepers if they offer any repair services and much to my delight, they do!!! :D i can bring the shoe back to them & they’ll send it back to the manufacturer for repair works (: but it’ll take A MONTH! 31 LONG DAYS, even jacky would have ORD-ed by then! HOKAY so after much deliberation & weighing of pros&cons, i decided to buy a SECOND PAIR IN MAROON (: (: (: its just TOO PRETTY to resist! baby is going to scold me because he told me not to buy a second pair!

anyway i am pretty impressed that the shop offers such service because they are not high-end or anything… each pair of shoes only costs around $60++?? i thought such services only exist in shoe boutiques with cut-throat prices of $800 & above like those at onpedder but im wrong! thumbs up for good services! shall bring my black pair down for repair soon!


dinner at the SAME HOTPOT place with claire, geraldine & michelle again! (: we ordered so much food this time round ha! we tried the cheese baked broccoli + cauliflower & its surprisingly good! another addiction!

and pardon me, i usually hate my hair but today:


nothing new about the bun, but i adore the gigantic gold bow! <3

we were gossiping on the ride back & while i was walking home, i suddenly felt a pang of sadness in my heart. it ached previously and it still aches at times like this whenever those thoughts re-surface. i am in one of those shit emo mood again & i really dont know what to do to make myself feel better now.


he looks amazingly happy. and amazingly cute too. his 32km+rivercrossing at tekong now, all the best baby.