i woke up at 7am this morning because i had a 10am lecture & i took the train to school. no more taxi-s! (:


i tried to inject some colour into my recently boring haul of dark clothings so i wore the H&M turquoise dress with mustard leggings. I LOOKED LIKE I HAVE YELLOW FEET. lied to hazel that i was working part-time for sesame street acting as BIG BIRD & i didnt have time to take off the yellow leggings.

baby didnt sleep last night thanks to the 32km & he’s fast asleep now but im so hungry! ): but im in the worst attire ever (his sajc hockey jersey top + flimsy sji shorts) so i dont think walking around the house is a good idea. hungry!

speaking of food, i bought bakkwa for his family today. im secretly pleased with myself hahaha.

and i should stop calling my sis’s boyfriend by her ex-bf name unconsciously. she’s going to kill me sooner or  later if this continues ):