i didnt turn up for anderson homecoming today & stayed home with baby the entire day because he seems to be in pain be it sitting down or walking or coughing. one moment he’ll tell me his ankle hurts & his back muscles ache plus his tailbone agonizes him whenever he sits too long. need to take care of him when he acts like an old man teehee. but he is very easy to take care of because he just sleeps alot :D


advertisement for biore facewash. check out his complexion mannnnnn.

i was looking thru all his hilarious army snapshots on facebook & asked him if he would miss army after he ords and he replied almost immediately: definitely not. sometimes i really wonder how its like in army, maybe girls should serve ns for 3months for the exposure. & i saw that the bunk has a wall of posters of girls (probably from FHM or maxim) & baby told me there used to be a table full of girls cutouts all over… are the guys in army really that DEPRIVED?!! will GIRLS do such stuffs if we are in their situation!? i cant imagine omg.


pretty sunset shot taken on the highway while we were on my way home to ‘replenish’ clothes + kfc dinner + renting dvds + buying of snacks for another movie night in <3

and yes, im pasting the 3D bow stickers bryan+nessa got for me everywhere. including his pc monitor!