last night i binged on butter cookies & i woke up feeling heaty + disgusted with myself but the disgust soon wore off after i realised the time was 7.30am & im still in my pyjamas when my lecture was supposed to start at 8am. since i was already late, i didnt bother to waste money on cabfare & took my own sweet time to take the train to school. reached at 9am, not too bad afterall.

peck handed me the invitation card to her 21st party at pan pacific today! pretty excited ho, since 21sts are supposedly a rather big event for everyone. people have asked me about what do i plan to do and my answer is always I DONT KNOW. seriously, i have no idea what i want to do for mine hence im not exactly looking forward to it. pfftt ):

i have a feeling im going to look super haggard for cny. school on friday from 10 to 6, mich’s birthday celebration at 7, bike recce for B2B starting at ECP at 11pm all the way to saturday morning. peck’s 21st celebration on saturday evening… AND i have to wrap up the pineapple tarts baking episode + i am ambitious so i wanna make my favourite peanut cookies + prepare the hi-tea buffet stuffs for baby’s mum. and on top of all that, i have to ensure that the rovers membership cards get printed & got to collect them before 24th. i am superwoman yay.

shucks im like really dying for a particular asos dress. $120, I. AM. HESITANT. BUT. I.CANNOT.GET.IT.OUT.OF.MY.HEAD. damn online shopping!

baby’s dad gonna collect his new car tomorrow. mercz Sclass teehee, i am secretly excited for it although it has got nothing to do with me. anyway baby’s carplate bidding failed for the first round. i hope he gets the other number he’s bidding for this 2nd time round! then he’ll be able to get his car before feb (:

last night i was complaining to jacky that i am not used to the idea of him ORD-ing haha. because we got together on the day he enlisted (weird i know, dont ask) so all this while, im accustomed to the fact that he is in army while im in school. guess i’ll need some time to get used to the idea! i am so strange :/

hokay! after this wordy entry, i think im back.