so i had a mini CA after my lab session yesterday which i totally didnt prepare for. pfffft.

evening = mich 22nd birthday celebration. her maid prepared ELEVEN crabs omg. ate and ate and watched tv + played wii + with mich’s jack russell bosco. bosco loves karen & jacky and kept attempting to hump their legs, pervy dog!




SO CUTE RIGHT. (you cannot say no) teehee.


didnt turn up for bike recce in the end, sorry rovers!! ): but let me make it up to everybody with the preets membership cards! :D really happy with the way the cards turned out although they could have been a little brighter on the front. but still, i think its not bad! (:

and to my buddy veekay, im glad you took that step forward and cleared the misunderstanding between the two of you (: (: (: