bryan’s birthday celebration in school on friday.

after school on friday night, i went to baby’s jc class gathering at his friend shane’s house for a bbq. we also guitar hero world tour-ed and mahjong-ed. his friends are all nice & funny people!


the drumset for world tour is so freaking cool lol but i didnt have a go at it because i know my hands & legs coordination is a major problem.


shane’s really cute & mischievious nephew, little andre aka bigbird aka hercules aka 小便. he’s really adorable + hyperactive but he made a terrible mistake of thinking that im shane’s brother’s girlfriend -_-

yesterday was valentine’s day and i woke up bright & early to do last minute preparations. i hid 5 clues within 5 of the 25 balloons and filled baby’s car with them. he’s supposed to burst the balloons and find those clues that will lead him to 5 different presents. i really have no idea what to get for him so i made a video + bought a collection of random very ‘guy’ things which are not romantic at all ): what to do! i wanted to get couple watch but cant find ):


the bouquet he got for me. he also gave me an entire box of 674 paper origami hearts which he folded himself. it stands for the 674 days we’ve spent together as of yesterday and thats a heart for everyday. thanks so much baby!

because of vday, every restaurant had long queues and reservations were fully booked. hence, we decided to cook our own dinner instead. baby rarely cooks so its actually kinda special. the setting was nowhere near romantic plus both of us were smelly from all the cooking and we watched discovery travel&living where people introduced USD40k per night hotel suites in las vegas.


& sadly, i realised we didnt take any picture together yesterday.