nus rovers bike to bite last night was pretty much a blast due to the great turnout and very enthusiastic + capable participants (no chui cyclists! which is (:(:(: )

i led a group of 9 together with zhanwei. tzewei’s boyfriend & his army friends were in my group and they are those professional bikers sort of people so they sped really fast and we had to put a speed limit into effect haha. anyway one of them had this really cool distance tracker gadget which calculated that we cycled for approximately 40+km throughout the night!

we went a total of 5 makan places in a night. first stop was feifei wanton noodles at joochiat place! oh yes the wanton mee was very good & the chilli that it came with was mindblowing :D wantons were a tad small and were on the salty side but im not complaining because i really like their noodles + chilli! anyway joochiat feels like the next geylang. it was skimpy ladies, men, pubs, sleazy ktvs, hotel81-s, the occasional teochew muay and it repeats all throughout joochiat streets.

so our 2nd stop was the official friday hot hangout spot for old men – geylang. cycled to geylang yonghe for their famous beancurd + soya bean drink <3 traffic at geylang on friday night is crazy!

3rd stop, makansutra gluttons bay @ esplanade! we also took many scenic shots of the flyer on the way there and experienced the cheap thrill of cycling on the F1 racing track :D however there wasnt anything much left for us to eat cux most of them were closing so we decided to take a short toilet break and head off to our next stop while the night was still young.

we peddled peddled peddled to killiney, went up a steep back-breaking slope before reaching mohammed sultan road for yong bak kut teh. the broth smells amazing and has a deep brown hue unlike those clear ones. its obviously a supper spot for clubbers and drains were conveniently located next to the coffeeshop for clubbers to throw up whatever booze they overloaded themselves with, what a disgusting sight- esp when girls squat by the road & throw up! if you cant drink, DONT drink.

last stop before the sun comes up – liang seah street tongshui. cold desserts to cool ourselves down!

so with satisfied tummies and a proud record of 40km covered, we returned to ecp & concluded 2009’s bike to bite for our group (: