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It was back to Hairloom this afternoon because my sister wanted to cut her hair and she asked me to accompany her. (Hello Baby, I wore the heels you got for me! <3) A pretty reasonable deal considering that I got free Starbucks, free dinner and a free… haircut!

I must tell everybody that Hairloom’s Creative Director, Calvin, is probably the NICEST hairdresser I’ve ever met and his hairdressing service is superb (: I trimmed my fringe there, liked it, recommended Baby to cut his hair there & he liked his new haircut too. Then I urged my sister to give Hairloom a try when she wanted to have a change of hairstyle and she liked her new hairstyle too (: Go there and give it a try and I bet you’ll fall in love with the place (or Calvin) too!


She got rid of her hair extensions and this is her new hairstyle after much snipping!

And as for me…


Thats the before picture and yes, thats my hair that got snipped off on the floor!!



Seriously, I don’t know whether this hairstyle (looks like Sha Gua Tou omg) works for me or not but whatever it is, I am happy that I FINALLY plucked up my courage to CHOP off my long curls and to have a change of hairstyle after being stuck with it for so long! Baby I said goodbye to my HAIR! (: Surprise much?


Okay, narcissism aplenty. If you hate me before you read this, I bet you hate me more now after this post.


Sis and me with our new hair. I was skeptical about the bangs part when Calvin suggested it but I told him that my hair is in his hands and he could do whatever he wants with it so… SNIP. Gone. If you think I look like some cheena shit, don’t tell me.

And this is not an April Fool’s joke!!



I designed the flyer and for the first time ever, I sort of like it (:

Anyway yes! I’m the IC for the trek to Mount Ophir with Alan this coming holiday. Heard that it’s going to be quite a demanding trek, I hope I won’t chui in front of the participants! No more whining for this trek because my partner-in-crime, Claire, is not going with me! is having this crazy sale and the bow clutch I bought few months back is at a ridiculously low price of USD$123?!! Thats like approximately SGD$200 only, like WHAT?!! Less than HALF the price I got mine for! ): Luckily for me, they only have the PINK one online. If the red one is on sale online now I think I will kill myself. ):


Sigh, I wanted to head out to complete another essay of mine thats due this Thursday (because the previous afternoon spent at Cat Socrates was so productive) but my right eye is infected again and it hurts ALOT. I keep tearing and it keeps churning out eyeshit plus its red + disgusting.


And I am hungry and needs some lunch but I don’t feel like stepping out to buy food in this state of mine and I do not want to eat instant noodles/McDelivery. Irritating much. ):


Yah, I succumbed to desire. Bought this pair of Martin Magiela Pumps!! (: The original price was SGD1050 but I got it at a very very discounted price, what a steal!!

I wanted to get another pair of platform heels ala YSL-style from Pedder Red which is damn damn damn damn damn gorgeous but I didn’t in the end because I didn’t want to overspend and I’m regretting ALOT now!!! I came home and told my sis about the shoe and she was like, I should have just bought it! ): ): ): ): ): x 3864594813 times. Sigh, I wonder if I can get them to keep the shoe for me till the NEXT outpost sale. ):

I think I get what Rebecca Bloomwood meant. When I am unhappy, I shop. But after I shop, I feel unhappy about spending so much money. Unhappy, thus I shop again. And it just wouldn’t stop.

Ooh, how I hate myself. Eat grass for a month. Or maybe I should go get a part-time job. Goodnight. ):


Early in the morning on our way to work.


Outposts are always interesting. Its like a scene out of the Shopaholic movie. You see women getting all fired up over designer brands and buy 5 pairs of shoes at a go. Anyway I was pretty upset that the pretty clutches/wallets from Anya Hindmarch and Marc Jacobs got snapped up really fast ): Sigh! Joaquin is smart and she reserved the Givenchy Nightingale bag for herself long time ago! Lucky woman.

Anyway, ain’t the Alexander McQueen booties pictured above just screams EDGY!?!!


And I’m in love with this pair of heels from Martin Margiela!! The half-netting-half-pewter leather design is just so sexy please!! <3 (Pardon my ugly feet with red blisters from my flats)


Baby and the sexy Alexander McQueen bag.

My legs are so sore now ):

Spent the entire lazy afternoon at Cat Socrates.


I love all the nostalgic tin toys on display and haha at the chinese book!



Cat Socrates is having a mini photo exhibition on photos of cats (:

Anyway I caught Confessions of a Shopaholic with Baby at night and I didn’t learn anything at all, I can only agree with the satisfaction she gets when she goes on a shopping spree!

Hokay, its bedtime! Waking up bright and early for work tomorrow morning. OnPedder/PedderRed outpost sale, my first time working with Baby! (:


I spent the entire afternoon in lab today to get the above screwed up results!! ): Mine’s the one on the left side while the set on the right is Hussein’s. Why do I have so many bands! And I am certain that I did not do anything wrong because I did every step together with 3 of my bench mates ): So that’s SIX hours + overnight incubation for NOTHING. I’m going to redo the entire experiment next week again, pfftt.

Other than being insanely suay for my experimental results, today was… enjoyable. As usual we kept talking rubbish during all the waiting time and our new TA is young and chic and wears leggings instead of jeans (YAY) and carries a Prada wallet. Heh.

I reached home at 7plus near 8 and I fell asleep almost immediately after having my dinner. Woke up again at 9+ and have been nua-ing until now which means I am in deep trouble because I need to rush two essays by tomorrow night!

I need to do work!


Seriously, I think I just fell in love again. Loves!

I’m listening to all the band music again after losing touch from the band scene for nearly 3+years after my one and only alumni performance in JC2. And I realised… oh goodness I miss band SO MUCH I don’t even know how to put it into words ): But not just any band, a band under the baton of Mr Yea Guo Ming and Mr Lester Lim, with my crazy Sausage Gang, attending/skipping band practices with my buddy Vanessa Kong who was also my fellow Welfare-cum-Uniform IC Officer and we’ll go around tying ribbons on the girls’ ponytails and frantic while we try to find a blazer for Shawn Foo/Tiny Cheryl, laughing at Anthony’s stoned face while he plays his Double Bass, disturbing Wenjie aka LEEHOM to the max, blowing kisses at my lovely juniors Zakiah, Yuzhen and Huiming, trying to avoid drills by faking cramps and late-night after concerts Macdonalds suppers.


I have no idea who made this collage but its really funny because the person included a seemingly unrelated picture of a guys playing soccer?! I took a closer look and realised that its the AMB guys playing soccer with the SJIMB guys. (Haha at Jacky and his flimsy green PE shorts) Oh my god, the days! VK and I even went down to support their matches and we got hit by a ball and spilled instant noodles over overselves.


Taken during 2002 Open House. Clarissa was still in band back then! We used to get into SO MUCH trouble because we kept yakking non-stop. I remembered how our blazers made us look slightly like penguins in flimsy white skirts but am so glad we changed our skirts before SYF 2003 and it looked so cute with double pleats front & back and when worn short, it looks like cheerleading skirts. Hoho. I wonder where that flimsy white skirt in the photo above went… it would fetch me some money if I sell it now because its so ‘in‘ now.

We cried when we gathered at the feet of Sir Stamford Raffles after our turn was over because we knew we did our best and we probably sounded the best ever for the past 22years. (We were cursed with Bronze for 11 SYFs okay, no joke.) We got Gold for SYF that year and I screamt into the phone into Lester’s ears, I think he hates me for that haha. St Patricks was sitting next to us and they probably thought we were a crazy lot, jumping and screaming and crying and laughing all at the same time. We were so helluva high that afternoon.


I’m the extra wearing the white shoes in this picture because I went back to the concert as the audience, not as alumni but I went up for the phototaking anyway hehe.


And on a sidenote, the image of Baby in secondary school wearing his flimsy SJI PE shorts walking around just makes me smile. Oh how I wish I can contain all his cute-ness in a capsule and keep it all for myself!!!

On the increasing intensity scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate it when people ask you hows your plans coming along for your big 21st and you’ve got nothing to answer them with because you didn’t plan anything?

Mine is 10. Yes I hate it and yes, I have not planned anything.