School was surprisingly okay today despite the absence of my fellow gossipmonger. Met Kokloong in town after lessons ended to shop around for Daddy’s birthday present. I really had no idea what to buy for him plus my mum’s birthday is one week after his + Sis is in Australia which means that I have a tight budget!! ): I wanted to buy this pair of ornamental piece of ‘Yuan Yang Xi Shui‘ from Swarovski as a combined present for both of them but decided that its a great waste of money. Ended up buying some work-related stuffs for him & I’m going to make him something, I’m such a boring daughter!!

& I saw this pair of shoes which is absolutely cute but the colour is WRONG ): It makes my feet looks weird.


Met up with Baby in the evening and had dinner at his place before heading to town again to get our new phones!! Red E63 for me and iPhone for baby (: We’re both downgrading our handphones’ cameras man. I think SingTel earns alot of money from us. We’ve been changing our phones on an average of every 6 months!

I can feel the pinch of the recession already. In fact, I am so hungry now but instead of doing McDelivery, I’m chomping down on those oldschool Juliet’s Soda Biscuits. SAVE $ MAN. but i STILL want to go Caramel soon, hopefully this Sunday!!