I’M ENTIRELY PISSED WITH WHAT I WITNESSED ON THE TRAIN THIS MORNING. Because it was the peak hour, the train was veryvery crowded and stuffy. Of course, there’s the lucky few who managed to get seats and were comfortably in their own world. I boarded the train with this elderly man who seems to be in his 80’s/90’s. I already noticed him at the platform because he looked so frail and weak plus he was coughing. Maybe all the seated commuters were blind or deaf or just pure cold-blooded because NONE of them gave up their seat to this poor old man. After one or two stops (and still nobody gave up their seats before that), the old man was finally offered a seat – BY ANOTHER ELDERLY MAN who seems to be in his 70’s. Everyone else pretended to be asleep/reading newspaper/playing with their phones/laptop/psp. And, of course, the 70++ year old man who gave up his seat continued standing for his entire journey until Jurong East. Why is it that Singapore has such an ugly and selfish society? It totally puzzles me. We are far from developed, seriously. Disgusting attitude from Singaporeans. I am one myself and I’m ashamed of my own countrysmen, how do you expect others to look up to us?!

Still fuming mad from the train ride and my contact lens have to disobey me at this crucial time and started moving around & dropped out when I was on the bus ):< It folded into half and stuck together which got me really panicky but luckily after much frantic peeling and washing with tapwater, I managed to save the lens for the day.

Why is 5th March such an unlucky day? ): Its my Daddy’s birthday so I hope the rest of the day will be nicer to me.

Hohoho, this is going to sound random but I bought some bow clips from this online seller and while we were exchanging emails we realised that she wants to enter NUS but is in Lasalle now while I am in the total opposite case! Plus she’s in the course that I want to study in if I ever apply for Lasalle, small world, really! (: