Saturday afternoon was allocated to mahjong with girlfriends at Baby’s place where we opened 2 tables. Baby got me a new leather casing for my ipod nano and its hell pretty in red!


I like how all my gadgets are in shades of red, including my camera <3 I should have gotten the red Vaio back then!


Anyway we had dinner at Fish & Co. together that night and talked about Yawen’s trip to Japan with Rick, new name for Michelle’s chihuahua, Claire’s & Juliana’s exchange programs to Vienna and Sihui’s exchange to Sweden next year! Everyone’s leading such an exciting university life I feel pretty sad for myself. ):


I like this picture.

Continued with more mahjong from 11pm to 4am with Thomas and Willis at my place.


5 Tai

Planned to check out Caramel today but found out that they don’t open on Sundays ): That totally dampened my mood for the entire day and I was whiny like a kid who wants to go to Zoo but finds out that all the animals have ran away ): I officially sunk into the ‘sian’ mode and we decided to have the darn good 928Laksa & desserts at Yishun for lunch. Bumped into Huiming and Daryl there – why must I always bump into people I know when I am in my chui state! ): Got home and I swear theres sleeping dust in my room because both of us fell asleep within 10 mins. Woke up again only at 6plus and ordered pizza delivery for dinner. So, we didn’t go anywhere today and did nothing but rot.

A beautiful Sunday ruined by the sudden change of plans which left us with NO PLANS ): ): ): And we were talking about watching Slumdog Millionaire but we forgot about it. Damn. And everyone’s telling me Marley & Me is nice too. Double damn!

And, I really really really genuinely wanted to check out Caramel, you know? ): Sigh!