Dumplings and strawberries make my day despite the throbbing pain in my head today.

I’m craving for more waffledogs. I hope the malay auntie sets up her stall in NUS Science faculty soon again because I swear I will buy 5 at a go and bring them home and store them in the fridge so that I can eat it as and when I like. And… DURIANS. Somebody pass me a tub of chilled durians please?

The ups of being sick is that I get to sleep for several hours straight and not feel guilty and wake up to be greeted by Baby who drove over after work to pass me a bottle of barley water cooked by his mum and to make sure I’m feeling better. (: Thank you Baby <3 But please do remember what you said okay!

And I realised I know a number of people who are always so fake and hypocritic. Not voicing out does not mean that I do not know. You know, bad karma do exist.