I headed to town to meet my sister for lunch after lectures today but we had a minor arguement because we were both pissed off hence we parted ways after the meal. Despite my constant cramps, I was determined to get my hands on a certain top from the Ohsofickle boutique. So glad I managed to get my top!!!

And I came home to find my Zipia spree loots in the mail. Today is not such a bad day afterall. (:

Oh and this is for those who have never seen a Life Science lab before!!


I was so bored during one of the practicals’ break that I decided to take random shots of the lab. When my labmates asked me why would I want to take pictures of those stuffs I explained that none of my close friends are doing science so they’ve probably never seen a Life Science lab before thus I wanted to take photos for them. Everyone burst out laughing ): But I’m serious okay!

Yay while I was typing this entry halfway…


Baby popped up at my doorstep with durians for me!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ My cramps’ remedy! Thank you, Boyfriend! And he just told me his mum bought a weighing machine that can calculate body fat percentage. He has only 11.11% body fat!!! Goodness! I think I am comprised of 50% body fat oh my god. The aftermath of eating too many durians!!

Well, if even your close friend says that, I suggest you take a step back and re-evaluate what kind of person you are. Good luck!