Caught Departures at the theater yesterday afternoon and its really good!! I thought it would be all serious and tear-inducing throughout the show but no! They did inject some humour in the show (: Go watch it!

We went to visit Karen at the hospital before the movie because she was admitted on Friday night ): Poor woman hit herself while playing handball and scratched her cornea so its like really swollen and pretty severe! Babe, I know you can’t see this because the nurses don’t allow you to use your laptop & strain your eyes but I do hope that you’ll get well soon! Don’t be too upset about missing Coldplay okay, I sing for you (: I’ll visit you again tonight!!! <3

Anyway Baby and I went to NUS for the NUS Wind Symphony concert at night because I need to write an essay on a music performance for my Science of Music module and it’s kind of last minute (it’s due like what…? next friday?) And it turns out that his SJI band senior who sold us the ticket knows me ’cause his younger sister used to be my nursery buddy cum neighbour (: She was there too with their mum and even their mum recognizes me (: Yay!