Yah, I succumbed to desire. Bought this pair of Martin Magiela Pumps!! (: The original price was SGD1050 but I got it at a very very discounted price, what a steal!!

I wanted to get another pair of platform heels ala YSL-style from Pedder Red which is damn damn damn damn damn gorgeous but I didn’t in the end because I didn’t want to overspend and I’m regretting ALOT now!!! I came home and told my sis about the shoe and she was like, I should have just bought it! ): ): ): ): ): x 3864594813 times. Sigh, I wonder if I can get them to keep the shoe for me till the NEXT outpost sale. ):

I think I get what Rebecca Bloomwood meant. When I am unhappy, I shop. But after I shop, I feel unhappy about spending so much money. Unhappy, thus I shop again. And it just wouldn’t stop.

Ooh, how I hate myself. Eat grass for a month. Or maybe I should go get a part-time job. Goodnight. ):