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I came home after my paper and ‘high-tea’ with Baby today instead of joining the NUS clique at Vivo for dinner because my contact lens hurt with a capital H ): Was debating whether to swim or to start on my DIY idea (yes, I’m behaving as if my papers are over. Not yet. Monday!) and since I was feeling lazy, I striked out swimming. Bought a mini can of paint and a brush on my way home and embarked on my little project after dinner!!


Tada! I painted my chair! I bought it initially few months back because I liked the WHITE-ness of it but over the months it has gotten really filthy and started to look boring. Been wanting to do something to the furniture pieces at home ever since I visited Caramel and was very inspired. I know pink is not exactly my colour… wanted turquoise but couldn’t find it at the shop, oh well but the effect turned out pretty well (and pretty bimbotic!).

More more more! <3



Need/want/will/ is going to get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My paper was at 9am on Tuesday morning and as usual I found the need to complain to Baby over MSN on Monday night about having to wake up early + squeeze with the morning crowd on the train and bus to school. And hoho, Baby drove over at 12am to pick me up back to his place so that his dad can drop me off at NUS on their way to work at 8+am Tuesday morning. (: Happy!

Paper was bad as usual. I think every Life Science paper spells B-A-D for me. There’s not even an O-K-A-Y to hope for. Seriously I should just cut my throat and die in the exam hall because everything that I remembered was not tested and everything that was foreign to me greeted me in the paper. ): ): ): I think I kissed nearly 35marks goodbye. I screwed up 2 out of 3 essay questions!! ): Lets not even start on the MCQ.

I have a paper at 1pm later and I’m not asleep yet. I fell asleep on the table for about 15minutes just now and I drooled all over my notes, gross! ZZZZZ, I am hungry and am contemplating if I should order MacBreakfast at 4am. Should I should I should I!!? I want… hotcakes!

Cannot wait for exams to be over. Glenn, Shu, Benjy, Geraldine and a few others from the clique finish their last paper by tomorrow and they were making plans already! That leaves poor Bryan, Ryan, Pecks and I to have our own mini celebration on 4th May. I can’t wait to go back for alumni band pracs, catch up with my girlfriends, do lots of shopping, probably organise some cheap getaway and try out some DIY ideas I have!! And yes… I think I want to work, need the moolah!

Alright, I need to get back to my notes. Break comes half an hour later at 4am for me to place order for McDelivery hah! (:

I am almost in control of my spending habits. Not there yet, but ALMOST. Because I was lusting after this pair of cream oxfords online last night and was so so so tempted to place my order for it but I decided to sleep on it and make my decision today. Today, I spent 20 minutes fighting an internal battle with myself because part of me says YES and the other part screams NO. And the ‘NO’ voice won. I AM GIVING UP A LOVELY PAIR OF CREAM OXFORDS IN THE NAME OF SAVING MONEY. Hurry, praise me for my good work!!!!

Exams suck. Why can’t I think about mitochondria and microtubules instead of oxfords???? ):

Friday afternoon was so hot so I didn’t get a chance to swim ): Which was a pity because I am so addicted to swimming now.

Anyway, had dinner with Baby before meeting up with Thomas, Willis and Jade to catch Friday the 13th at 11.35pm! Oh man, I should have just told Thomas that I wanted to watch 17 again… Friday the 13th was all killing and gore, the guy never dies and he kills everyone so easily and accurately. I was covering my face for nearly half the movie!!!

Thomas stayed over at Baby’s place for Friday night too because we had the SMU AdRace event on Saturday morning and had to report at 7.30am at Changi Village so Baby’s dad fetched us over. I woke up earlier to wash up and then prepare breakfast for the boys, talk about being nice! Haha! And we packed some peanut butter sandwiches which we disposed of later in the day because they said that the weather was too hot and worms will grow on the sandwiches.


With Miss Tang (: Our morning faces before the race began.

We were flagged off at 9.10am and had to run about 3km to the next checkpoint. Because I haven’t been running for a long long time, I kept lagging behind ): So sorry to my teammates!! Imma going to start running  again soon soon soon okay!


Our first checkpoint was to collect our bikes!! Yayy, finally no more running (: We pedaled for what seemed like forever (from Changi Beach to the far end of ECP) until we finally caught sight of our 2nd checkpoint- SKATING!! Haha Baby and I held on to Thomas and Michelle respectively to complete the 1km distance. Michelle owes me an icecream because I dragged her for 2/3 of the trail! Hah!

Next up, was navigation all the way. The 3rd checkpoint required us to walk from ECP to somewhere near Kallang Mrt and we took our own sweet time, taking pictures and walking. The weather was impossible to run in!


My favourite photo of the team! (: How we all looked so happy and the bright clear sky. But there was this fingerprint stain on my camera’s lens so many of my photos had this blur patch on them and I didn’t realise it until much later. -_-


Blur stains ): and hot sun. I forgot the sequence of our checkpoints already but I remembered walking from Kallang >> somewhere near Lavender >> Bras Basah (where we were made to climb 23 storeys) >> Fort Canning Park >> Marina Square. I left out one of the 8 checkpoints but I really can’t recall now ):


We reached the finishing line at about 2.50pm, which means we took approximately 5hours & 40mins!! The first 3 teams came in under 5hours. Haha well, considering that we did stop by (illegally) at 7-11 and Macdonalds to buy stuffs, I think we did okay. (: At least we made it back before 3pm! There were still teams coming in at 4-ish!


We were all burnt, thanks to the sun. I thought mine was not all that bad but when I got back to Baby’s place to bath, I saw this…


Ahhhh ): I’m SO SO SO SO SO upset! I hate tan lines and a singlet tanline?!?! Oh god, I need to avoid spags until I fully recover.

After having some yummy gelato, Baby’s parents came to pick us up and drove us directly to Jumbo for seafood dinner again in celebration of Jasley’s 13th birthday (: Hip hip hurray to crabs!!!


I think I had more than 10 crabs for the past 2 months. I am so addicted! Fat, juicy & black peppery crabs love!


Cake cutting at home. Baby and I bought her a Ripcurl wallet and Ripcurl pencilcase. Ha, secondary was the period when Baby and I were into all these surfbrands before we grew out of it by secondary four. We are like assuming that Jasley will be following in our footsteps heh!


The Pay Family.


Oh crap, I’m so fat now ): ): ): NEED. TO. LOSE. WEIGHT.

And I didn’t know until my mum texted me happy birthday that Saturday was my lunar birthday!! (:


My family has never had the tradition to eat Mee Sua on lunar birthdays but Baby’s family does so Baby and his mum cooked this for me! Sounds kind of sad, but this is my first bowl of birthday meesua in my entire existence thus far hahaha.

“ Wait for the person who pursues you, the one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical, the person who brings out the best in you and makes you want to be a better person.

Wait for the person who will be your best friend, the one who will drop everything to be with you at any time no matter what the circumstances, for the person who makes you smile like no one else and when they smile you know they need you.

Wait for the person who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats and a t-shirt, but appreciates it when you get dressed up for them.

And most of all wait for the person who will put you at the center of their universe, because that’s where you belong. ”

I went for driving lesson, supplementary test for Science of Music in school, an evening swim and then met up with Baby in town for dinner and some shopping all in a day. As much as I would love to just stay at home the entire day and surf the net and join countless sprees and do massive online shopping while eating junk food/takeaways, its just… not exciting? I’m not saying that swimming and sitting for a test is exciting but at least it makes me feel like I’m doing something.

I bought new swimming goggles today (: Baby bought new swimming trunks and goggles too, I can sense a swimming date yay! I love the fact that my goggles are RED and BIG. Check out the size difference:



Currently fighting a battle with my report for 2202 at 2am. Its due… twelve hours later?! Reports suck ): After which it means 2 down, 3 more to go before my holidays arrive! I want to go on a cheap shopping getaway but everyone seems to be busy/saving money for exchange or other planned holiday trips and my mum doesn’t want me to go alone! ): x 2.

Baby’s mum left a bowl of porridge on the table and I finished 3/4 of it. I always get hungry when I stay up late to do work but there’s always nothing to eat at home!!! Staying over at Baby’s was a wise choice haha. He’s currently sleeping and snoring, I’m jealous! I’m so tired!

I’m heeding my sister’s advice to handle the situation and to try and look at things differently… it seems to be working a little but I guess I need a little more effort. One step at a time!

Went for a swim today and I do feel so much more refreshed after those few laps! (: Mental note to self: Get a new pair of anti-fogging goggles please!! And never underestimate Ah Bengs. Because there was this Ah Beng in his colourful boxer who swam at lightning speed past me today. Or maybe its just me swimming at an impossibly slow speed…

Oh, does anybody have this problem of being obsessed over one particular item and then you keep buying and buying for a certain period of time until the fad dies off and you move on to buy something else?!! I do!!! It used to be dresses, then it became skirts before moving on to bags… then theres this big craze over lace and bows (which is still on), and now its anything that screams 1950’s/60’s and SHOES! Especially those non-practical ones that I cannot wear to school haha! I only wear flats to school… but I keep looking at heels/oxfords. How now brown cow! ): And I want this pair of combat boots… because I don’t have anything like that?


Hehe and I want coloured wayfarers! Since my hair is already like that, might as well just go havoc all the way!

I dreamt that F21 launched its Prom Line last night. The lookbook is on the web but its not launched, yet. See, I can’t even sleep without thinking of shopping, how bad is my condition?!

Okay need to go now, I have not bathed after swimming and I reek of chlorine. Toodles!


Proudly Presents


Venue: Victoria Concert Hall

(11 Empress Place, Victoria Memorial Hall, 1st Storey, Singapore 179558)

Date: Friday, 29 May 2009

Time: 7.30pm

Price SGD12

Small Poster by you.

All it takes is a group of people, a common culture and a longitudinal wave.

All it takes a band, a group of Andersonians, and sound.


Anderson Alumni Band was first started on the 8th June 2002, under the Old Andersonians’ Alumni Society (OAAS) Youth Wing.

She was formed with the intention to fulfill more roles than just being a gathering for graduated members of the Anderson Military Band

to play music and meet old friends. Considering the fact that alumnus have greater experience in the field of music and academia,

many passionate members return to the school band, where effective knowledge sharing is achieved. Mentoring the younger

generation remains a prime principle, yet it is a humble way to give back to the school what our alma mater has taught us in the past.

The Alumni Band has also actively planned and participated in main band camps, celebration parties, band festivals, competitions

and has joined the Main Band concert series “AMBience” since 2004. Results in recent years have been encouraging; as the Alumni Band

witnesses an escalating growth in both strength and excellence.

Repertoire includes:


Bravo Brass

Teresa Song’s Medley

Animation Song Medley

Road to Gokusen/相棒 メインテーマ/篤姫 メインテーマ

March ‘Willing and Able’

Tickets are at $12 each and can be purchased through any Anderson Alumni Band member.

*Bulk sale tickets are available! For every 10 or more tickets purchased, tickets will be sold at a discounted price of $10 per ticket.*

Interested parties can also email us at

See you on 29 May 09, Friday at Victoria Concert Hall.

Best Regards,

Anderson Alumni Band

*Sidenote: I’m an Alumni and I feel so so so old ): I want to go back to secondary school days minus Olevels!!!!!

F21 was closed today for some reason (I think someone from the Dubai Headquarters passed away?!? Hussain Something of Sharaf group) and since I was already there I decided to just pop by Charles and Keith to do some browsing cux normally I’ll just skip that store and guess what! I admit that C&K does pretty decent stuffs! I saw at least 1 bag and 2 clutches that I like. Anyway, there was this particular pair of shoes that caught my eye and when I picked it up, my eyes widened because its only $18.40!?!? Major 50% discount off that pair please. I know C&K is cheap but I didn’t know it was THAT cheap!!!! And so you’d probably guessed it: I bought it! I mean, there’s no reason to give up a pair of shoes when its below $20 and looks like this:



Raw deal or what! I can even see the 50% sticker on the shoe! Maybe I should drop by Charles and Keith more often haha! (To the horror of probably my mum and Jacky)

Oh yay,’s sale is here again (: My sis and I ordered around SGD200 worth of stuffs recently and she paid for everything!!!! Heh.

T.G.I.F. = Thank God I’m Female. I LOVE SHOPPING!!!

Cuz we belong together now
Forever united here somehow
You got a piece of me
And honestly
My life would suck without you

Envy my sister who flew to Sydney last night in order to surprise her boyfriend. She came home during noon yesterday and gleefully told me she passed her job interview and was hired on the spot. (So easy for Life Science graduates to find job meh!!!!!? Hrmph.) Then she launched into how she will be unable to see James once she starts work on the 27th April so she decided to check the web for air ticket to Sydney on the VERY NIGHT. She booked her ticket at 3pm, left house at 4.30pm and took the 8.30pm flight. I love her attitude man.

Thank you, Karen and VK <3 I wouldn’t have known how I got through those few hours without the two of you!

Anyway, things are fine now, or maybe just slightly unstable? But I strongly believe and hope that everything will be put on track very very soon. No more de-railing, no more malfunctions… just a smooth, enjoyable ride ahead. <3

I got myself a new toy today – Neutrogena WAVE! Because Vanessa Hudgens looked like she has so much fun with it in the commercial and the idea is so cute, I couldn’t resist! Haha. Pretty lame I know, some vibrating facial cleanser, but its really comfy! And its true when it promises that the skin will be immediately softer and smoother after 1 use!! Fyi, Neutrogena did not pay me to advertise for them.